Reaper U: The Dragon’s in the Details (horns, teeth, claws, eyes, scales) (Cecil) $25

Classroom #4 Ft. Worth Ballroom (First Floor)

Thursday August 29, 2019 - 5:00 pm to 6:45 pm

Its game day, the players set their minis out near the battlemap and anxiously await tonight’s adventure. As the DM of this veteran group you have a horde of minis behind your screen waiting to weave a grand tale of intrigue glory. Little do these players know there is a great wyrm miniature lying in wait nearby. The sense of shock when the players see the gargantuan beast will be amazing. The dragon will be a memory etched into their minds for a lifetime, better make sure its ready. This class will do just that. Designed for intermediate to advanced level painters, this class will cover the detail work of the grand beast. Horns, Teeth and claws need to be menacing, eyes sparkle hiding the most sinister of thoughts, the scales show that this dragon is no stranger to combat. Using various techniques you will learn how to bring your dragon from “meh, that’s cool, let’s kill it”, to “Holy cow, that is amazing, Run!!!” in this hands on class. Each attendee will get a small dragon but are welcome to bring their own larger beast with them. Bring your brushes and lets create something spectacular.