Reaper U: Basing – Realistic Water Effects (Cecil) $25

Classroom #5 Dallas Ballroom (First Floor)

Thursday August 29, 2019 - 10:00 am to 11:45 am

We have been painting minis for years and now you are at a point where your minis look great, well except for the big black disc they are standing on. This class will demonstrate several methods of creating watery bases. Making convincing water bases takes time. But much of that time is drying time between steps. The class will teach each step of the process and allow students to have hands on practice of the techniques. When a step requires longer drying time, the base will be set aside and premade bases (fully cured) will be handed out to use for the next steps. This will mean each student will leave with several bases in various stages of completion. Class will cover water and ice bases as well as how to add mosses, reeds, shells, sand, snow, et c. to accent the water features. All materials will be provided.