Reaper U: Beyond Tabletop (Cecil) $20

Classroom #8 Kerry Meeting Room (Second Floor)

Friday August 30, 2019 - 3:00 pm to 4:45 pm

We all have hordes of miniatures from the bones kickstarters, swag bags, the melt table and any other source we can find to feed our addiction. Some of them we will save for some grand masterpiece, but what about the rest of the pile? Painting fast and effective is a different skillset than the skills needed for competition work. This class is designed for all who want to learn techniques to quickly paint miniatures for the tabletop game. Each participant will receive a miniature that we will paint together in such a way that it is not only completed in the class time, but will impress the other folks around the weekly game table. Not every miniature needs to be painted to a competition level, but even tabletop mini should at least be at a level that makes the artist proud of his or her work. This is the class for those of us that want some awesome minis for our weekly game night, in bulk. Students are expected to bring several brushes to the class. The miniature, paints and other materials will be provided.