Reaper U: Animal Colors and Patterns (Thursday) (Coulson) $25

Classroom #7 Connemara Meeting Room (Second Floor)

Thursday August 29, 2019 - 5:00 pm to 6:45 pm

Most real world creatures follow a few simple rules - or maybe they're just guidelines, if you prefer - in terms of color and pattern. We can use these guides to help make miniature creatures look 'right', whether the subject is natural or imaginary. In this class, we'll discuss when to apply the rules, and how to bend them for new applications. Students will need good brush control and familiarity with blending, shading, and general color terms. Updated for 2019, this Intermediate-level class is both a brief seminar/demo and hands-on practice. First, we'll break down creatures into fundamental types and shapes, using real-world examples to explore contrast, light, color, texture, and pattern. Next, we'll discuss a few common challenges and tips for working through them, plus some creative examples of adding interest to mythical beasts and hybrids. Most of the class will be for students painting parts of a miniature, applying the concepts and exploring specifics such as spots & stripes. A creature miniature and detailed handout with some photo examples and diagrams will be provided. Students are encouraged to bring a notepad and a good detail brush to the class.