3000 Brigade presents W3KB Radio!

Rooms 20 - Video Game Panels

Friday July 12, 2019 - 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Do you like podcasts and want to start your own? Do you hate podcasts and think they're lame? Either way this is the panel for you. Unlike any podcasts you have seen, because usually podcasts are listened to, the 3000 Brigade needs your help in their all new podcast adventure. There is a mystery in the Nintendo universe and the 3KB wants to let you in on the action. Join us for this live ridiculous recording and find out who done it! It's Nintendo Noir at it's finest and it dares to answer the question, "Do I have to?" If you want to laugh, be entertained, or just rest your aching cosplay feet from those painful shoes come to this one of a kind panel. This panel has everything. There will be places to sit, wildly in appropriate behavior, and people who should have made better life choices!. The New York Times says " It's sure to be ecstasy for your ear holes!" What more could you ask for?