UFO's: They're Here - and Disclosure is Too!

Room LL21AB

Saturday August 17, 2019 - 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Join MUFON Marin/Sonoma Section Director and Radio/TV personality, Lorien Fenton, and five other Bay Area UFO Experts discussing “UFOs: They’re Here – and Disclosure is Too!”. With all the Main Stream Media coverage of UFO’s being seen by Navy Fighter Pilots in the last 18 months – covered by the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Politico, CNN, Fox News, etc. – along with ex-CIA operatives going on record to say UFO’s are REAL, why doesn’t my neighbor know about it? Your UFO Panel will ponder that question as well as discuss UFO propulsion theory, possible reasons the government is admitting UFO’s are in our skies, and give insight as to why they each believe we are being visited. All panel members have at least 30 years in the field. They all have very different, and very real, stories to tell about their UFO research and sightings. Plus they will share their opinions about Disclosure as it’s happening right now. To begin the Panel discussion Ms. Fenton will give a brief PowerPoint presentation (10 mins.) on recent Disclosure events and milestones. One thing is for sure, your panel member absolutely believe UFO’s are REAL – they have all seen them – and hopefully by the end of the panel presentation, you will believe too! YOUR PANEL MODERATOR - Lorien Fenton (Producer Bay Area UFO CON and MUFON’s Marin/Sonoma Section Director) with: • Dr. Patrick Bailey (PhD from MIT in Nuclear Engineering ) • UFO Jim Ledwith (first UFO Film Festival curator) • Robert Perala (One of the first Experiencers to come forward in the 70’s) • JoAnn Richards (military family with UFO involvement) • Rob States (Electrical Engineer – studies UFO Technology)