From Concept to Reality: Designing and Executing Geek Couture

A3/A2 - Cosplay

Sunday November 10, 2019 - 1:30 pm to 2:20 pm

What is Geek Couture? How is it different from Cosplay? In this panel, we will discuss the differences between Cosplay and Geek Couture, how its influenced by modern day couture fashion houses and how to create your very own original Geek Couture piece, from start to finish, perfect for the next Met Gala or formal event This panel will discuss the origins of Geek Couture, how it draws its roots in fashion houses like Valentino (wonder woman collection (2016), Paolo Sebastian Disney collection (2018), The Blonds Villians collection (2019) and others and how cosplay and costume can be translated into formal wear. The panel will also discuss designing for geek couture and geek fashion, drawing fashion illustrations, design materials, how to translate cosplay elements into fashion accessories, sourcing and choosing fabrics, sewing techniques, and other elements on translating costume to gowns and outfits. The panel will briefly touch on designing for the Her Universe Fashion Show, the largest geek fashion show in the world, what that experience is like and how to prep yourself for the experience of such a large event. Displayed during the panel will be the current 2019 winners of the Her Universe Fashion Show's winning looks as well as some looks from previous years and contestants.