Reaper U: Freehand Patterns and Designs (Cocanour) $25

Classroom #9 Arabian III Ballroom (1st Floor)

Saturday September 4, 2021 - 9:00 am to 10:30 am

Take your freehand to a new level. This class will help you learn the building blocks of how to paint knot work and more complicated designs. You can learn the techniques that will allow you to do freehand patterns and designs on your models. Some topics covered will be how to control your brush, paint, and color variations to make your patterns pop. There will be lots of tips that will help you be successful. Students should bring good brushes that will hold a point. You will need a size 1 or 2 brush for the base coats and larger areas. Most importantly, you will need a size 0 and a size 00 or 000 brush for the freehand. Plan on painting you will learn by doing. The minis will be prepared with a base coat and shading so that we can get right into the freehand learning. All other supplies will be provided.