Promstuck - Promswap

Rooms 24 & 25 - Open Space Panel Room

Sunday July 25, 2021 - 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

What is the Metrocon Promstuck- Promswap ? Promstuck means Homestuck Prom and that Metrocon 2021, we are still stuck on Homestuck. Promswap refers to Hiveswap Prom and is a pun on the Prom host swapping for this year. Join us for the Metrocon 2021 Promstuck-Promswap. Put on your Prom Homestuck-Hiveswap AU cosplay and dance to Homestuck-Hiveswap fansong or official music. Song requests are possible, but need to requested by the Tuesday before the con. There will be space-time for quick pictures, but Prom is the main event. Prom Court will have fun new mechanics for this year. People can run for: Prospit King*, Prospit Queen*, Derse King*, Derse Queen*, and Prom Frog. As Derse-Prospit courts love their protocols and celebrating their Royalty, to enter, you will need to wear Prom finery. Derse-Prospit Royalty will also need to be Homestuck or Hiveswap themed in order to determine your lunar sway. However, you do not need to be Homestuck, Hiveswap, and/or Prom in order to attend Promstuck-Promswap. Also, anyone can run for Prom Frog. Because the universe is a Frog and the session creates new Frogs, the Metrocon Prom Frog is not bound to the Homestuck-Hiveswap universe, but beyond Canon & within the canonical bounds of all things Metrocon. You must physically appear at Promstuck-Promswap, no online only As entries. However, anyone can run for Prom Frog, even if they are not cosplaying Homestuck or Hiveswap, or in Prom attire. * With trolls, humans, cherubs, robots, sprites, carapacian chess people, consorts, and Sburb prototyping schenigans, gender is more fluid than ever in the Homestuck-Hiveswap universe. As such, Prom King and Queen will refer to the non-gendered roles in the game session. Notable Canon Derse a Queens, include for example, Snowman and Jack Noir.