Virtual Reaper U: Painting Invisible Characters with Glitterdust (Carrie)

Virtual Class

Saturday September 4, 2021 - 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

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We will use gloss sealer and sparkly Pearl Ex powdered pigments to add definition to clear miniatures. This enhances the details of the sculpture while keeping the translucent effect for invisible characters. Splash your invisible characters or bad guys with a glitterdust spell!

Class items:

Clear Reaper miniature, examples: Fairy Girl, Clear SKU 77629, Invisible Rogue SKU 77449, Invisible Wizard SKU 77450, Invisible Cleric SKU 77451, Invisible Ranger SKU 77452, or Invisible Warrior SKU 77453 Reaper Gloss Sealer SKU 09298 Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments: Assortment of metallic colors, I recommend picking up a rainbow plus brown and silver if you don’t want to buy everything. Paintbrushes, water cup, palette (well palette recommended.)