Contract Workshop for Creative Professionals: Presented by Loading Law


Friday October 1, 2021 - 1:00 pm to 2:45 pm

Are you a game developer, designer, freelancer, or creative entrepreneur? Do you find yourself clicking “I Agree” without reading the fine print every time someone puts a contract in front of you? Have you ever wondered what makes a good contract, and how to spot a bad one? You’re in luck! In this workshop and Q&A, video game industry attorney Ross A. Hersemann will explain the nuances of effective contract analysis and drafting. Ross will explain the most common contracts that affect creative professionals and detail effective strategies for negotiating better terms and avoiding legal liabilities. Attendees will receive a written guide on contract negotiation and the most common legal pitfalls facing creative professionals. Ross A. Hersemann is the Founder of Loading Law, a Chicago-based law practice, and provides legal counsel to video game developers and creative professionals. Ross is also the Organizer of the Chicago Video Game Law Summit and an Adjunct Professor of Video Game Law at DePaul University. He speaks frequently on hot topics in law and technology. Ross also serves as the Chair of IGDA Chicago, Chair of the CBA YLS Creative Arts Committee, and Vice Chair of the ABA Digital Games and New Media Committee.