Explore the World of Anime and Game Music with Wendi Shi

Anime Track A-Panel Room 24

Saturday August 5, 2017 - 1:00 pm to 1:50 pm

My name is Wendi Shi and I am a composer. I compose music of various genres, and lately I’ve gotten into anime music and game audio. I would like to do a panel on Anime music and also game audio. To start out my panel, I will have a discussion about the type of anime music out there. Then I will go on to discuss my music and why many of my audience consider my music “anime music.” As part of my presentation, I can perform some of my music live (3 songs, up to 10 minutes). While performing, I will be playing AMV (that I put together) in the background, so that my audience call fully experience my anime music. For the second part of my presentation, I will be talking about Video Game Music. I have taken classes at Berklee College of Music specifically for film composition and game audio. I will bring in some of the knowledge I learnt in class and combine with some of my personal experience in the industry. I will be showing demos via my macbook, hence I would need to have a projector or a big screen TV with audio in the room. I have hosted panels in the past at the following conventions: Florida Anime Experience, SakuraNatsu, Anime Iwai, and SwampCon. I am also interested in performing live in your opening or closing ceremony. Let me know if you need my service.