GaymerX & Take This play Visigoths Vs. Mall Goths {MatureContent}

Crab God Theatre

Friday December 10, 2021 - 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

The year? 1996. The place? A shopping mall in suburban Los Angeles. The party? Fearsome warriors famous for their conquest of ancient Rome and also spooky teens who wear a lot of eyeliner and listen to The Cure. Emotions! Drama!! Queer romance!!! Hot Topic!!!! All that and more await our players in Lucian Kahn’s Visigoths vs. Mall Goths. Expect laughter, conflict, and super cute dates in this fun retro romp. Join GM Sharang Biswas --Professor, TTRPG author, and games designer-- as he guides our group of players through kiosks, shops, and food courts, battling both the horrors of capitalism and their complex feelings. This flirty, whimsical, and totally 100% historically accurate one-shot adventure is a 'Can’t Miss!'

Sharang Biswas (He/Him) [Adjunct Professor, NYU Game Centre], Brian Kunde, LCSW (He/Him) [Culture and Operations Director, GaymerX], Dr. Sarah Hays (She/Her) [Clinical Contributor, Take This], Katie Kaitchuck (She/Her) [Executive Director, GaymerX], Dr. B (He/Him) [Clinical Director, Take This]




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