The Kitty Connection: Loving the Hello Kitty Lifestyle

Panel 5

Saturday July 29, 2023 - 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Can I see Hello Kitty no matter where I am at home? Is it wrong to eat food shaped like her? Am I morally conflicted about Hello Kitty toilet paper? If you've asked yourself these questions, then you're not simply a Hello Kitty fan -- you're living a lifestyle. Regardless if you know of our queen just in passing or if you can name every member of her family including her random twin sister, you are invited to an engaging discussion about the Hello Kitty lifestyle. Discussion topics include defining factors of the Hello Kitty lifestyle, distinguishing features of Hello Kitty's legion, exactly how far can one take the lifestyle (i.e. can one live entirely off of Hello Kitty merchandise), and general points of interest about Kitty (such as interesting collaborations and Hello Kitty's style over time). Opinions of many Kitty fanatics on these topics will be shared. Audience participation and smiles are encouraged.