Hearse and Shock Rod Show

Irving Convention Center

Saturday May 27, 2023 - 11:00 am to 5:00 pm


We are resurrecting one of our ghouler events for the new venue.

We're looking for a mix of horror themed vehicles and hearses to flesh out our field of six. If you think your slab cab, monstermobile, creature car or bone hauler has the guts to show, send us some current pictures and information about it. Only 6 will make the cut. If you want to sacrifice... uh... submit your vehicle for consideration, apply before 11:59pm on May 6th to INGRAVE13@GMAIL.COM.

IF your vehicle is accepted for the show, you will receive a separate email no later than May 13th which will contain a short form that must be filled out and returned no later than May 20th.

But beware, there are some rules to follow that cannot be gotten around. If you can't abide, we can't show your ride. The rules are as follows:

Show will be on Saturday May 27th from 11am to 5pm Vehicle should be onsite by 10am, set up to show by 11am.

When you arrive, your vehicle will have an assigned space.

Within that space you will be allowed to set up displays and props, but you are responsible for full cleanup at the end of the show day. Anything left behind, trash or treasure, will be forfeited and you will be charged for the disposal by the facility. This is not cheap. Don't do it.

Every vehicle MUST HAVE drip pans under anything that COULD leak. This means the engine, transmission, transfer case, rear differential. If anything else leaks, put one under that too. Any leaks that hit the concrete are your responsibility and may affect whether we can have this show again.

Music is an important part of some people's displays, but must be no louder than conversational level. Outside food or drink is not permitted within the building. At the time of this writing, we are not clear whether it will be permitted in the vehicle show area. As this is occurring outside the venue in the open, alcohol will not be permitted at all.

At the conclusion of the show at 5pm, awards will be held and vehicles will need to be clear of the space by 7pm.

Texas Frightmare Weekend will have staff on hand to monitor the vehicles, but ultimately the participants are each responsible for their own. Neither Texas Frightmare Weekend nor Irving Convention Center bear any responsibility for loss or damage of any kind.


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