Anime Foodies: Laid-Back Camp Season 2

Panel 1

Friday July 28, 2023 - 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm

Guide Description – Laid-Back Camp Season 2 showcases the pleasures of camping and tempts its audience with a dazzling display of different foods. Join NoS Anime as they explore the copious consumables in Laid-Back Camp’s second installment. Learn how to craft these recipes for yourself at home or while out camping. Submission Description – This panel is part of the “Anime Foodies” series of presentations given by NoS Anime. These presentations showcase recipes seen in anime with focuses either on broader culinary themes represented by multiple anime or on individual series with a propensity for portraying food. The series aims to educate the audience about various facets of the history and culture of Japanese cuisine through asides accompanying discussions of particular dishes. This iteration of Anime Foodies examines the recipes created by the characters of Laid-Back Camp Season 2 on their various camping adventures and is a sequel to “Anime Foodies: Laid Back Camp” previously presented at Otakon. The panel begins by briefly introducing the Laid-Back Camp franchise to the audience including its setting, characters, and story. From here, the panel dives immediately into the recipes themselves due to the large number included in the show. All of the dishes were recreated by our group while outdoors with camping equipment so that the audience does not merely learn how to craft them at home, but they may also learn tips and tricks on how to make these recipes while out camping on their own. The recipes are covered in the order in which they are presented in the show and are listed below. --Duck Soup Nameko Mushroom Soba (Ep. 2) --Grilled Lobster Himono (Ep. 11) --Grilled Alfonsino Himono Heads (Ep. 11) --Chunky Ajillo in Earthenware Pot (Ep. 11) --Acqua Pazza Pasta (Ep. 11) --Otsumami Set (Ep. 12) --Shrimp and Tomato Risotto with Lobster Sauce (Ep. 12) --Giant Hotcake Cake (Ep. 12)