Kamen Rider BLACK Ep1-4 [S][L][T]

Video 2

Friday July 28, 2023 - 10:15 am to 12:15 pm

(Japan, 1987) One of the first long running Tokusatsu hero series, dating back to 1971. A "back to basics" initiative was set in motion in the 1980's and was the first renewal attempt of one of Japan's legendary super heroes, Kamen Rider! Long, long ago, in the 20th century... Desperate and terrified, Kotaro Minami escaped the clutches of the ancient secret society, Gorgom—but in doing so, left behind his best friend, Nobuhiko. Both have been transformed into beings of immense power in order to serve Gorgom's dark purposes. If left unchecked, Gorgom will destroy humanity and eliminate all traces of its civilization and culture. Now the powerful cyborg known as Kamen Rider BLACK, Kotaro will uses the powers Gorgom gave him to preserve justice and freedom, as well as to save his best friend. [Action, Sci-Fi. Rated T (Teen) for possible nudity, comic mischief, and/or mild violence. Distributed by Discotek.]