EMCEE M.D. - (nerd music performance)

Panel Room 3

Saturday September 16, 2023 - 12:30 pm to 1:15 pm

Emcee M.D. is a nerd-core music act from Buffalo NY with songs about video games, super heroes, and slices of life. With fun interactive props as well as a strong stage show, Emcee M.D. has played massive convention such as MAG-Fest as well as Festivals and toured across the USA. Not only is Emcee M.D. in the ranks of greats such as Megaran, MC Chris, and others, but is also an internationally known game designer of Board Games and video games with his company Ichiban Games. True nerd music, for true nerdy spirits. The set would contain family friendly music of music about video games, anime, superheores, slices of life, and more fun nerdy stuff. Sets can be a half hour to to 45 min+. Set up takes very little time at all. If you need music, I can provide songs that would be played so you know it's clean, family friendly, and fun.