Roast the Justice League Arizona!

202 (Film Festival)

Sunday September 3, 2023 - 3:20 pm to 4:10 pm

"Is the toughest part about being Batman knowing that you'll never make your parents proud??"  Have you ever really wanted to tell Superman, Batman, or WonderWoman what you REALLY think of them??? Well now is your chance! In this COMPETITIVE Roast, you get the chance to face off against other members of the crowd to throw zingers at the heroes of the Justice League Arizona! Audience participation is key as they will vote on the winner with the best insults thrown at the Justice League members who will be there in costume! There may be a villain joining the crowd to help with ideas! Heroes that are appearing may be random so be ready to think on your feet! PG-13 and Family Friendly! Audience member compete against each other until the ultimate roaster is declared after three rounds!



Film and Television, Sci-Fi, Trivia