Eye of Chentoufi - D&D 5E with Luke Gygax - Presented by Amazing Discoveries [PAID EVENT]

Private D&D with Luke Gygax

Saturday September 2, 2023 - 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Play in a Saturday afternoon D&D session with Luke Gygax, the son of Gary Gygax! This session will feature "Eye of Chentoufi," a D&D 5th Edition adventure for 6-8 players. GM: Luke Gygax System: D&D 5E Number of players: 6-8 Level: 5-7 Pre-gens provided. Description: After earning some renown for retrieving treasure from ruins located in the Blighted Lands, you are recruited by a man named Pelicos Red to help him find a item called the Oculus of Senrahbah, sometimes called The Eye of Chentoufi, located somewhere in the City of Chentoufi. This adventure is part one of a three part series by Luke Gygax and Matt Everhart set in The World of Okkorim. IMPORTANT: Registered players will meet up at the Amazing Discoveries booth (GR2) in the Gaming Area, located in the Grand Ballroom. NOTE: This is a paid event with 8 available spots. Advance online registration is required. A fee payment of $60 per player will be collected by game host Amazing Discoveries at the time of the event. Drinks and snacks will be provided during the game. Registration Link: https://tucsoncomic-con.com/luke-gygax-reservations/