You can know Kung Fu - Secrets of the Chinese Martial Arts

Laughlin 3

Friday July 26, 2024 - 9:00 am to 10:30 am

Internal/External Hard/Soft, North/South have all been used to categorize the various styles of Chinese Martial Arts - often referred to as Kung Fu. This sampler class lets you experience an overview of classic martial forms of fighting. Explore the mystery of the legendary Shaolin Martial Arts learning core techniques based on the 5 animal styles, Tiger, Crane, Dragon, Leopard, Snake and the enigmatic Praying Mantis. Often called Hard or External Kung Fu, these arts have practical self-defense applications, emphasizing the use of ancient battle tested methods. The Chinese boxing methods of, Bagua Zhang, Hsing Yi, and Tai Chi Chuan are historically taught together forming a triumvirate of Internal Chinese arts focusing on the elements of Chi development and powerful practical martial application. Often incorrectly interpreted in the west as simply a meditative practice these arts, when properly applied, have devastating real-world application.



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