Individual Movement with Handgun and Flashlight (PDE)


Sunday July 28, 2024 - 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Employment of a firearm becomes far more complex once you are no longer standing still. What sets Military and Law enforcement Elite Operators apart from civilian expert marksmen is the ability to move as well with the weapon and hit targets as accurately when doing so as standing still. These are essential skills to be learned for both aspiring Executive Bodyguards and civilian everyday carry users alike. This course will build upon the Close Quarters Handgun and Retention class to now begin teaching the skills of how to move with a handgun, including employing the different postures learned to move up and down stairs, through doorways and around corners. You will be taught how to clear angles and scan for threats when conducting these movements as well as how to combat an opponent and retain your firearm should you not conduct a proper clearing technique. In addition, this course will combine the skills learned in Flashlight and Improvised Weapons course and how to use it in conjunction with the firearm while moving. The material in this course is essential, even if your handgun never leaves the home, in the event you should be the victim of a home invasion!



Personal Defense Experience