Bowie and Large Knife 1 (FMAE - Exclusive Class)

Virginia City 2

Friday July 26, 2024 - 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

This class will focus on the use of the Bowie knife/large knife as outlined in the School of Two Swords system. This class will explore the development and use of the Bowie knife from an examination of the infamous duel that gave rise to the legend of Jim Bowie to its use as a standard sidearm for over a hundred years. Cultural and historical influences on the development of the Bowie knife have given rise to a wide variety of large knives all classified as Bowies but with various designs. This also resulted in different regional styles of large knife fighting that generally had a similar core martial principles. These core principles will be examined and developed through solo and partnered training. There will be some light contact during controlled drills but no free sparring. Limited number of training weapons provided. WHAT TO BRING: Participants should bring head/eye protection (fencing mask) and hand protection (padded fencing gloves or MMA style gloves for light/moderate contact) This class will also address carriage and accessing the weapons so please bring either a belt or sash to allow you to hold training weapons. If you would like to bring your own trainers you are encouraged to do so as long as they are approved at the beginning of class. Cold Steel tomahawk trainers and single edge training knives are what are used in class.



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