Care and Feeding of the Bullwhip

Virginia City 3

Sunday July 28, 2024 - 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

So, you’ve attended Combat Con, taken a bullwhip handling class, and fallen in love with it! That’s completely understandable...Crack IS addictive! But what do you do next? “Care and Feeding of the Bullwhip” answers just that! This one-hour presentation will talk about how to tell a quality whip from a “WLO”, (i.e. “Whip-Like Object”, similar to the “SLO” Sword-Like Objects, and often found alongside SLO’s at Renaissance Faires, flea markets, and eBay,) how to select a whip that is best for your purposes, and how to care and maintain your whips to keep them in immaculate performing condition for years to come. This Lecture/Q&A presentation will cover both high-quality nylon and kangaroo leather whips. If you’re new to whip-cracking or are interested in how to get started, this presentation is for you!



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