‘Aha Wesir’: Wrestling in Ancient Egypt

Carson City 1

Saturday July 27, 2024 - 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Wrestling, deeply ingrained in human history, resonates across diverse African cultures, transcends its role as a mere combat sport. In ancient Egypt, wrestling wasn't simply a physical contest but stood as a cultural cornerstone, addressing spiritual, social, and traditional needs, while also serving as a crucial preparation for soldiers entering warfare. The oldest depictions of wrestling, discovered in the tombs of Khety in Beni Hassan, boast over four hundred images that provide a profound window into Egyptians' extensive wrestling knowledge. While specific rules and ceremonies may have faded with time, the depictions on the walls of Beni Hassan reveal the Egyptians' mastery, with many techniques persisting in contemporary practice. Guided by intricate iconography from renowned sites like the tombs of Senbi (Meir), Neheri I (Deir el-Bersha), and Khety (Beni Hassan), this class is designed to explore the movements and techniques of ancient Egyptian wrestling and its connections to other wrestling forms found throughout the continent. Join us in discovering parallels between these ancient styles and those found across various African regions.



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