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Artist Application - Anime Dallas 2023 Application Details

Apply for an Artist Alley table at Anime Dallas 2023!

Selection Process: Artist selection is curated by our Exhibitor Hall and Artist Alley Jury. Our goal is to provide our attendees with a great variety of art produced by a diverse array of top-quality artists.

Selection dates: We do not have a set date when selections are completed. Selections are made once we have received enough applications to form a sufficient selection pool.  You will be notified via email to the address you submitted with your application if you are accepted. Please do not email or message to ask when your application will be reviewed, as this will not speed up your application.


Artist Table - $150 (Limit one per artist or studio)
Guaranteed Corner Upgrade - $75 (subject to availability)


  • Each artist or studio may reserve a maximum of one table, upon Jury approval, in order to ensure a variety of art and provide opportunities for as many artists as possible.
  • Artist placement cannot be guaranteed. We will take placement requests into account when completing the Expo Hall layout.
  • The Artist Alley is curated. Table sharing with another artist is prohibited unless both artists have been approved. If you wish to share a table, please submit a combined application.
  • All items sold in the Artist Alley must be designed and/or produced by the Artist. Prints, manufactured pins, etc. are fine so long as they are original designs created by the Artist. Reselling is not permitted in the Artist Alley. Reselling is permitted in the Exhibit Hall; the Artist Alley is reserved for original works.
  • Bootleg artwork and items are prohibited in the Artist Alley and Exhibit Hall.
  • If your application is approved, you will be sent a purchase link. Purchases must be completed within the allotted time specified in the approval email, or your space will be released to another applicant. First round Artist Alley approvals have a 14-day window to complete payment; approvals closer to the event date, such as last-minute waitlist approvals, may have windows as short as 24 hours.
  • One 6-foot table and two chairs are provided per Artist.
  • Two Artist badges are provided per Artist. Artist badges allow access to the Exhibit Hall during setup and restocking hours; selling an Artist badge is strictly prohibited. Additional helper badges are available for purchase on site.


Artists and Exhibitors are required to abide by all federal, state, and local laws, as well as the Anime Dallas Code of Conduct.

Any person convicted of a sexually based offense is prohibited from vending, staffing, or attending Anime Dallas, regardless of their sex offender registry status. By submitting an application, you certify that you have never been convicted of a sexually based offense in any jurisdiction.

Bootleg artwork and products are prohibited in the Exhibit Hall and Artist Alley. Generally, if only a few items appear to be in violation, an Artist or Exhibitor will be asked to remove the items from display and sale. If an Artist or Exhibitor's display is largely or entirely comprised of infringing items, at the sole judgment of Anime Dallas management, they will be ejected from the Exhibit Hall without refund.

Anime Dallas reserves the right to eject any Artist or Exhibitor who violates any of these rules, without refund, at its sole discretion.

Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

No placement/location requests are accepted.  Vendor spaces are assigned in advance. Submission of this application does not constitute an agreement between Anime Texas, INC and Applicant. Vendor and Artist applications are curated. Although we would love to welcome everyone who is interested, applying does not guarantee a space. We typically receive five to ten times as many applications as there are spaces available. Thank you for you patience and understanding.