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Vendor Application - Anime Houston 2023 Application Details

Apply for an Exhibit Hall booth at Anime Houston 2023!


Selection Process: Exhibitor selection is curated by our Exhibitor Hall and Artist Alley Jury. Our goal is to provide our attendees with an engaging variety of merchandise.


Selection dates: We do not have a set date when selections are completed. Selections are made once we have received enough applications to form a sufficient selection pool.  You will be notified via email to the address you submitted with your application if you are accepted. Please do not email or message to ask when your application will be reviewed, as this will not speed up your application.


Exhibit Hall Prices

10×10 – $400
10×20 – $800
10×30 – $1200

Only one space may be purchased per company, project, or individual. Add-ons and premium spaces are priced as follows:

Guaranteed Corner - $200 (for 10x10 booth only)
Guaranteed Endcap - $400 (for 10x20 or 30x10 space - if added to 30x10, resulting space will be an "L" shape)
Premium 20x20 Endcap - $2000 (this is a 20x20 space with walkways on three sides, availability limited)


  • One booth space per company, project, or individual.

  • Absolutely no bootleg merchandise is permitted. Houston is the home of many professionals in the anime industry – offering bootleg merchandise for sale at our event is not only a violation of our rules and federal law, it is also disrespectful to all the people who put hard work into creating amazing anime programming.

  • Exhibitors are expected to be ready for sales at least one hour before the scheduled Vendor Hall opening hours. The Exhibit Hall opens to VIP Badge holders one half hour before official scheduled hours. Full hours and policies will be included with setup details for approved Exhibitors. Exhibitors are required to remain open for sales during all scheduled Exhibit Hall hours; closing or tearing down before the Exhibit Hall closes is prohibited. Every attendee deserves the full anime convention experience, even those who arrive Sunday afternoon for the last hour or two of the Exhibit Hall. Hours are subject to change.

  • There are no refunds offered for unused or canceled spaces. In the event that an Exhibitor is unable to attend due to COVID exposure or other illness, paid Exhibitor spaces may be rolled over to the next Anime Houston at no cost; if space is available, you may instead opt to be rolled over to Anime Dallas at additional cost; additional fees will be equal to the then-current cost of the requested space, less any payment made for your Anime Houston space. If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or any of its variants in the 10 days before your first day on-site at Anime Houston, or you are experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19, please stay home.

  • One 6-foot table or one 8-foot table along with two chairs are provided per 10x10 space; a 20x10 space includes two tables and four chairs, and so on. Electrical power cannot be guaranteed. Dedicated power is available from venue at additional cost.

  • Two Exhibitor badges are provided per 10x10 space. Additional badges may be purchased on site.

  • Vendor space may include structural columns. When practical, vendor footprint will be expanded to compensate for lost square footage.
  • Vendors are responsible for disposing of their own garbage. Large trash cans are provided in the Expo Hall, and dumpsters are available for large scale trash disposal. Any fees assessed by hotel as a result of excessive trash removal will be passed along to the responsible vendor.
  • Vendors are responsible for any damage caused to venue property, including damage caused by employees or helpers.


Artists and Exhibitors are required to abide by all federal, state, and local laws, as well as the Anime Houston Code of Conduct.

Any person convicted of a sexually based offense is prohibited from vending, staffing, or attending Anime Houston, regardless of their sex offender registry status. By submitting an application, you certify that you have never been convicted of a sexually based offense in any jurisdiction.

Bootleg artwork and products are prohibited in the Exhibit Hall and Artist Alley. Generally, if only a few items appear to be in violation, an Artist or Exhibitor will be asked to remove the items from display and sale. If an Artist or Exhibitor's display is largely or entirely comprised of infringing items, at the sole judgment of Anime Houston management, they will be ejected from the Exhibit Hall without refund.

Anime Houston reserves the right to eject any Artist or Exhibitor who violates any of these rules, without refund, at its sole discretion.

Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

Submission of this application does not constitute an agreement between Anime Texas, INC and Applicant. Vendor and Artist applications are curated. Although we would love to welcome everyone who is interested, applying does not guarantee a space. We typically receive five to ten times as many applications as there are spaces available. Thank you for you patience and understanding.