Carolina Fear Fest 2020 Application :: Vendor - 2020 Show

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Vendor - 2020 Show Application Details

Please complete application.  A link to pay deposit or fees will be emailed after application has been reviewed.


If you would like to send photos of your products or previous booth set-ups - please send to


For any questions, please call us @ 984-205-EVIL (3845).


  • Booth spaces are 10x10 and include 8' pipe & drape rear and 3' pipe & drape sides.  1 - 8' table (covered and skirted) and 2 chairs included.  If Vendor brings additional tables or merchandise displays, those fixtures should be covered unless new or fit with decor.
  • Standard Booth $300.   Corner $350.  Double Booth $500.  Double (1 corner) $600.  Deposit $150 to reserve space.  All fees due before April 1st 2020.                         
  • Each booth space includes 2 Vendor passes.  Passes should be worn at all times.  Provided Vendor passes are for Vendor staff only.  They may not be sold or used as prizes or giveaways.
  • No exhibit may block or interfere with other exhibits or aisle space.  All vendors must set-up within their allotted area.  Booth setups may not be higher than 10' without advance approval.
  • Vendor banners and other signage is permitted in booth space only.  Vendors who elect to be a show sponsor may hang additional signage with advance permission.  All signage/fixtures should be self-standing.  Vendors should not affix materials to venue walls.
  • Registration on-site Friday, May 22th beginning at 8am.  Vendors may access show floor to setup after checking in at Show Office.   All vendors must be show-ready by 4pm on Friday with aisles clear and trash/boxes removed from sight.  Those requiring additional time to unload, or will need to drive large displays into the building should contact us in advance to request earlier arrival.
  • Booths must remain intact and manned during show hours and may not be dismantled prior to close of show.  If you break down early, you will be banned from setting up at future shows.  Attendees have paid for a complete show.  By breaking down early, you are doing both the attendees and the show a disservice.  Show closes Sunday, May 25th at 6pm.  Tear down is from 6-10pm.  Any property not removed by 10pm will be considered abandoned unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • No sales of weapons, Vape/Tobacco products, bootleg or otherwise unauthorized materials will be allowed.
  • No sales of food, food products or drinks are allowed.  If you would like to offer samples or sell edible items, you MUST have prior approval to do so.
  • Carolina Fear Fest is intended to be a family-friendly environment.  Any adult-oriented materials must be covered and displayed in a manner that is not visible to minors.  No sales of adult materials to minors will be tolerated.
  • The NC State Fairgrounds has RV parking and camping facilities within walking distance of the venue.  For more information, contact us or the Fairgrounds directly.
  • Please consider donation of products, gift certificates, etc for use as prizes in costume/cosplay/trivia etc contests and other events.  To sponsor a specific event, please contact us directly.  Additionally, providing content for VIP bags is also still available.
  • Please ensure website and social media links on application are correct.  These are the links we will use to promote vendor participants on our social channels and website.

Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

  • Exhibitors are responsible for the actions of their staff.  Staff misconduct can lead to the removal of the exhibitor from the floor without refund.  Exhibitors removed in this way will not be allowed to return to future shows.
  • Exhibitors must comply with all local, state and federal laws, and will not hold management liable for any breaches, losses, injury, or damage to themselves or their property.  All exhibitors agree to hold blameless Carolina Fear Fest, their staff members and their workers against any loss, damage, theft, expenses, claims or actions arising from any personal or property damage, loss or theft due to said exhibitors participation in Carolina Fear Fest.
  • State tax collection/remittance is the responsibility of the vendor is accordance with state law.
  • All Vendors/Exhibitors acknowledge that Carolina Fear Fest will NOT provide or maintain insurance for their persons or property, and it is their sole responsibility to obtain insurance covering loss.
  • Carolina Fear Fest is in no way responsible for retail transactions between vendors and attendees.
  • While free product giveaways/contests are authorized, no games of chance or gambling is permitted.
  • Cancellation policy:  50% returned if cancelled after 1 Feb, 25% after March 1 and no refunds after April 1st.