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Kids' Lab Application Details



By submitting this application, I understand that this is solely a request for space. This application for space does not guarantee me a spot on the show floor for Denver Pop Culture Con 2020. I understand that even if I was accepted in previous years, I am not automatically guaranteed a space. All applications go through a review process by show management.

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The Pop Culture Classroom Kids' Lab is an interactive, family-friendly, educational space dedicated to pop culture enthusiasts of all ages. Located on the show floor, the Kids' Lab provides opportunities for families and fans to engage with diverse pop culture-based media and highlights the value of teaching pop culture education in the 21st century.

Kids' Lab Per 10' x 10' Booth Cost: $500

Per 10’ x 10’ Booth includes:
- 8’ high back drape – black and red
- 3’ high side drape – black
- (1) 8’ x 2` draped table – black
- (2) chairs
- (1) wastebasket
- Liability Insurance through Rainprotection Insurance authorized by Pop Culture Classroom
- 4 Exhibitor Badges

(Power and internet available at an additional cost)

Kids' Lab Promotional Benefits:

10' x 10' Booth:

- Logo inclusion in Kids' Lab signage
- Logo on DPCC website
- Included in e-mail marketing

10' x 20' Booth includes 10' x 10' benefits plus:

- Quarter-page color ad in program guide
- One content-rich social media post

20' x 20' Booth includes 10' x 10' benefits plus:

- Logo on floor plan map

- Half-page color ad in program guide

- Featured in one blog post

- Two content-rich social media posts

Important Note: No retail sales are permitted in the Kids' Lab. Only educational activities may be offered in this area.

Why should I participate in the Pop Culture Classroom Kids' Lab?

  • The Denver metro area is home to an ever-growing population of families, educators, millennials, passionate consumers, and proud geeks of all ages.
  • Participating in the Kids’ Lab presents your organization with an opportunity to engage with these groups and shape the next generation of creators, artists, and fans.
  • By mixing a wide range of fun and educational programming, including STEM, arts & crafts, film & television, comics, games, and more, the PCC Kids’ Lab creates an unprecedented opportunity to engage with a uniquely passionate, diverse audience of families, educators, and kids.

What are the expectations for Kids’ Lab Exhibitors?

  • Develop, organize, supply, and fully staff interactive programming at booth throughout DPCC 2020 event
  • Offer 100% free, inclusive, and family-friendly activities with an educational component

Our Kids' Lab Values:

  • Offer free, interactive, hands-on pop culture-based activities for all ages
  • Promote alternative approaches to education
  • Provide access to cutting-edge resources and professional creators
  • Highlight diverse creators and media
  • Focus on career development in pop culture-related fields


Kids' Lab 2020 Highlights:

  • Free, family-friendly and kid-focused educational activities offered by range of local and national organizations and creators
  • Panels and presentations featuring professional creators, artists, musicians, sports stars, and special celebrity guests throughout the weekend
  • Diverse range of around-the-clock programming in over 12 content areas, including comics & graphic novels, art, video & tabletop games, STEM, film & television, career development
  • And so much more!

Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer



  • No music is allowed on the show floor. (Exceptions can be at a request through DPCC show management.)
  • No smoking/vape pens in unauthorized areas. (Smoking allowed on the exterior of the facility only.)
  • No distribution of unauthorized fliers, advertisements or stickers outside of exhibit space.
  • No dancing or conjuring is permitted on the show floor or lower level.
  • No utilizing shared common areas and aisle ways as your own. Exhibitors must stay in their own spaces.
  • No outside alcoholic beverages.
  • No pornography / hentai / adult material. We are a family friendly show. Please keep it PG-13.
  • No firearms of any kind – this includes BB guns, cap guns, paintball and pellet guns and airsoft guns, even if it has been disabled or is not loaded.
  • No replica firearms of any kind – this includes reproductions of guns, even if it has been disabled.
  • No bladed metal or wooden weapons such as axes, daggers, hatchets, knives and swords, pocket blades, ninja stars.
  • No projectile weapons of any kind, including replicas – if it can shoot something (even Nerf and water), it is not permitted.
  • No explosives and chemical weapons – this includes firecrackers, pepper spray, incendiary devices.
  • No blunt weapons – wooden or metal bats, clubs, brass knuckles, mallets, martial arts weapons, whips, golf clubs, paddles.
  • No flying discs or other projectiles including helium balloons, dirigibles, drones, etc.
  • No selfie sticks.
  • No hover boards, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, skates.
  • No unlicensed, bootleg and knockoff merchandise.