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Fan Tables 2023 Application Details

Dragon Con Fan Tables are reserved tables consisting of fan groups, conventions, band merchandise tables, performers, and sponsors. Fan Tables are placed within concourse areas.  Concourse areas are open areas that receive a high volume of Dragon Con traffic. Concourse areas are located at the Hyatt Regency, the Marriott Marquis, the Hilton Atlanta, and the Sheraton Atlanta hotels. All Fan Tables must be reserved and approved ahead of time. The rules for reserving and setting up these Fan Tables are different than those of the Dealer and Exhibitor Halls. Fan Tables are free.  Please refer to the rules and procedures listed below before completing a request form.

Tables must be staffed by Dragon Con members. In other words: yes, you will need to purchase membership badges for the people who will be staffing your table.

Table Staffing Hours:

  • Fan Table hours will vary depending on the hotel location. The hours are designated to maximize exposure for the groups given the traffic patterns of Dragon Con members. Groups should plan to staff the table minimum of 40 hours across the designated times and days as assigned by hotel.
  • Fan Table groups must provide their own staffers to cover their table. Dragon Con volunteers are not permitted to assist in managing your tables. If you need to step away from your table, it is your responsibility to have another designated person to watch your belongings.
  • Dragon Con is not responsible for displays, merchandise, or other items left at tables during closed hours. Any items left are at own risk.
  • In deference to our dealers and exhibitors, who purchase a table or sponsor the convention, no general merchandise sales are permitted at Fan Tables. You may sell items imprinted with your organization’s name or logo only, such as pins, t-shirts, or bookmarks. Fan Tables may sell memberships to their convention. Dragon Con does not charge a percentage of these merchandise sales.
  • Charity collections are not allowed at Concourse Tables as it may interfere with the integrity of the Dragon Con approved and sponsored charity.
  • No raffles or other games of chance are allowed. Sorry, but it is illegal according to the laws of the State of Georgia.

Electrical Power:

  • Be sure to bring your own extension cords and splitters.
  • There may be a charge for access to power. Please check with the individual hotel.
  • If you need Internet access at your table, you’ll have to arrange this with the individual hotel. Although our host hotels offer wireless access in guest rooms, this service is usually restricted or blocked in the lobby and function-space areas
  • Fan Tables are typically 6 feet in length and will have two chairs per table. Extra chairs are sometimes obtainable from the individual hotels. They also usually have table cloths.
  • You may utilize the space behind your table in whatever way you see fit, so long as no fire or safety hazards are created. Anything that extends into a walkway is considered a safety hazard.
  • Nothing may be attached, in any way, to the ceiling. If there is a wall or column behind you, you will need to arrange with the individual hotel to attach materials; there may be a fee. Any publicly displayed items must be suitable for all audiences; in other words, it must be child friendly.
  • Table placement will be at the sole discretion of Dragon Con, the Fan Table director or their assistants. We will work with you as much as possible, but we can make no promises.


Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

Once you submit this application, you will receive an email from noreply@growtix.com confirming the application was received.  You may use the link in this email to check the status of your application and communicate with the Fan Tables & Fulfillment Director.  Please double check your inbox and junk folders before contacting us at dragoncon@dragoncon.org.