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Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

Terms and Conditions for Exhibitor Space at Dream Con 2021.

  1. Booths must remain intact and manned throughout the hours of the convention and may not be dismantled prior to the closing of the convention without authorization from Convention Operations. Dream Con will not be held responsible for any issues arising from an unmanned booth during show hours. 
  2. Exhibitors must comply with all local, state and federal laws, and will not hold management liable for any breaches, losses, injury, or damage to themselves or their property. All exhibitors agree to hold blameless Dream Con and all Dream Con staff members and workers against any loss, damage, theft, expenses, claims or actions arising from any personal or property damage, loss or theft due to said exhibitors participation in Dream Con. Exhibitors should take reasonable measures to cover their items before they leave their booths at night. Exhibitors are responsible for their own security during show hours.
  3. Dream Con will NOT provide or maintain insurance coverage for exhibitors persons or property, and it is their sole responsibility to obtain insurance covering the loss.
  4. Dream Con does not endorse any exhibitor’s merchandise, exhibits, views, beliefs, or actions.  All merchandise bought or sold at Dream Con is done strictly between exhibitors and attendees, Dream Con is NOT party to or responsible in any way for any transactions made between said parties.
  5. No Vaping Pen, Vape, Tobacco, or Alcohol is allowed on Premise unless purchased through the Arlington eSports Arena. 
  6. No Bootleg DVDs or CDs. Representatives from various studios will be at the convention. Anyone selling unauthorized merchandise that infringes upon their copyright or licensing agreements (or any other studios) will be asked to leave the show. No refunds will be given if you break this rule and are asked to leave.
  7. No outside food vendors are allowed. 
  8. All adult materials must be either behind the table. If showcased on the table or display rack, materials must be bagged or covered so that minors may not open it... Exhibitors agree not to sell any adult materials to minors. Violating this rule is cause for immediate dismissal from the show with no refund, and being banned from any future events hosted by the show's management.
  9. No sales on site or promotion for online or off-site sales of any guns real or replica.
  10. State tax is the responsibility of the artist/vendor to collect according to state laws.
  11. No exhibit may block or interfere with other exhibits or aisle space. Any damage caused to the building or its furnishings by the Artist/Exhibitor is the sole responsibility of the Artist/Exhibitor.
  12. Should you (the exhibitor) find that you are not able to attend Dream Con and have already paid for your space, please let us know. Failure to notify Dream Con will impact vendor eligibility in future years. No refunds will be given and all 2021 booth purchases are final.
  13. Abandoned Property: Any property not removed from the Arlington eSports Arena that has not been claimed within forty-eight (48) hours following the end of the event will be considered abandoned by the Exhibitor.
  14. Dream Con reserves the right to change, amend, and add to the rules and regulations of the show at any time. In the event that your new rules are added that prevent you from selling your core product, you will be notified and refunded in full.

All questions may be directed to operations@dreamconvention.com