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Heatwave takes place Saturday November 9th, 2019 at Hamilton Convention Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

This is an opportunity for producers and retailers of hot sauce and spicy foods to showcase their product to true lovers of heat.

Face to face marketing works best, especially when combined with a taste test.  Join us for a fun and day dedicated to showcasing your product to an appreciative audience.

Exhibit Booth rate starts at $140 for when providing samples to attendees.  Space includes one (1) x 8' table and two chairs.  Each vendor is allocated 8' wide x 8' deep exhibit space. You may erect a backdrop within your footprint.

All hot sauce vendors are required to provide free samples to attendees. Sample must be given on a small food offering like a small slice of pita or a pretzel or disposable spoon.

For Exhibitors or Vendors NOT providing sauce samples then the booth rate is $180 each.

All Safe Food Handling procedures shall be adhered to by every exhibitor.  Local Health Unit will have paperwork that you will be required to complete prior to the show date.

You can obtain a Safe Food Handlers Certification through these websites. https://www.safecheck1.com/  or  https://www.foodsafetytraining.ca/

Attendees will also be provided the option to purchase plain chicken wings (and veggie option) in which you will add your hot sauce to a wing.

All Exhibitors may sell retail products at the show and retain 100% of the sales.

Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer


1. Exhibitor display will not extend beyond the boundaries of the space that is paid for and provided, or into the aisle ways in front of their tables. There may be additional charges for hydro, tables etc.
2. Exhibitor agrees to keep their area clean and is responsible for any damage they may cause to the venue. No staples, tacks, or nails are permitted to hang items on walls or ceilings. A charge of $25 will be levied for each hole.  Booths are not guaranteed to have a drape backdrop so bring poles to hang your banners.
3. Exhibitor will not sublet space to another dealer.
4. Event organizers accepts no responsibility for any merchandise sold at the show.
Responsibility for the merchandise and the legalities of selling, and/or necessary rights required by law to sell any merchandise rests solely in the hands of the Exhibitor doing the selling.
5. Exhibitor agrees not to break down their table/display before the conclusion of the show without permission of the promoters.
6. There will be no smoking in the dealer area and all dealers must comply with Provincial smoking, fire and safety laws.
7. Exhibitor is responsible for all taxes and licenses required by the province of Ontario.

8. No food or food items may be sold at the convention without permission from Venue & Event organizers. Excluded are sampling products and food items intended for consumption by the purchasers at home.

9. All Exhibitors must comply with local safe food handling procedures as set forth by the Local Health Unit. Do your research in advance and ensure you are adhering to all necessary requirements.  No refunds will be provided to those that fail to meet local safe food standards and are removed.
10. Event organizers and/or Venue will not be held responsible for any injury to any show exhibitor, or any loss or damage to any exhibitor's property from any cause whatsoever while that property is in transit to/from/while at Venue. Exhibitor room is locked after regular convention hours are over but Grimbrothers Entertainment and Venue are not to be held responsible for theft or damage of any kind.
11. The Exhibitor realizes that guests and events scheduled are subject to last minute changes or cancellation.
12. Exhibitor understands that once Exhibit space is paid for, no money or credit will be issued or refunded even if the Exhibitor is unable to attend the show.
13. Exhibitor  understands that ALL tables will be assigned on a first paid, first placed basis. In other words: if you want wall space, you will have to pay early for it. Don't expect prime location if you pay for your space close to the actual show date.

14. Heatwave Hot Sauce Expo is owned and operated by Grimbrothers Entertainment Inc