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2019 Exhibitors Application Details

On behalf of the KublaCon team, I’d like to say, “Hello!” to all our friends, acquaintances and associates in the gaming industry. We’ve put together and grown into the largest and best gaming convention west of the Mississippi!! There isn’t a better place for you to show attendees your latest games and designs or sell and market your Kickstarter than at KublaCon!

KublaCon 2018’s attendance was 3,783 individual attendees.

Our “Maximizing the Attendee Experience” slogan has earned us a very loyal following of avid gamers with disposable income.

We have focused efforts to entice new players into the hobby and at our convention.

We give small press and Kickstarters opportunities in our Exhibit Hall to have direct contact with the consumer.

In 2018, we launched gaming space in our second hotel, the Crowne Plaza…drawing even more events and attendees to our Exhibit Hall. Our success at the Hyatt & Crown Plaza secures KublaCon through 2022, continuing to give us over 90,000 square feet of modern, carpeted, well-designed gaming space that is easily accessible by all modes of transportation. In this packet you will find information on reserving an exhibit booth, load-in/show schedules, accommodations and advertising opportunities. Please send in your application ASAP.

Once approved you will be sent a link to purchase the booth(s) you have requested and will join us in creating an awesome entertainment experience.

A Standard booth is 10’ wide x 8’ deep (2-14) - $ 500

An Aisle booth is 9’ wide x 8’ deep (22-27, 32-34, 40-47,50-57) 32, 33, 34,40, 41, 45, 46,47 have access to a demo table - $ 475 with demo table $560

The Premier booth is “L” shaped and 160 sq ft (1) - $ 950

The Standard retail booth is 30’ wide x 8’ deep (6,7,8) - $1,700

The Aisle retail booth is 27’ wide x 8’ deep (35,36,37) - $1,500

The Quad-Retail Suite is 18’ x 18’ x 18’ end cap (20,21,30,31) - $2,150

Kickstarter/Small Press Outlet 4’ wide x 8’ deep (15A/B,16A/B) - $ 200

Demo Table (A-H) $ 85


Get Ready for KublaCon!


We very much appreciate the exhibitors who have supported us year after year. Your presence adds to the fun that our attendees have as part of their KublaCon experience.

Note that the deadline for prior year vendors has been changed to NOVEMBER 1st. This gives potential new vendors more time to plan for KublaCon.

Let us know if there's anything you need from our team... we're here to help.


Dates and Times


Activity             Day             Date              Time

Set-up               Thursday   May 23          By Appointment Only


                            Friday        May 24         9:00 AM until 4:00 PM

                                                                       8:00 PM until Midnight


Exhibit Hall

Hours                 Friday         May 24         4:00 PM until 8:00 PM


                            Saturday    May 25         10:00 AM until 6:00 PM


                            Sunday        May 26         10:00 AM until 8:00 PM


                            Monday       May 27         9:00 AM until Noon


Tear down        Monday       May 27         Noon until 5:00 PM



Hours                Thursday May 23 @ 8:00 AM until Monday May 27 @ 5:00 PM


Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer


There is no charge for electrical service up to 3 amps per booth, which should be enough to power a cash register/Credit Card terminal and a couple of lights.
You should bring your own power cords/strips to save additional charges (These must be UL Grounded extensions - no household cords.)
If you require more than 3 amps, you’ll need to purchase it through the hotel by filling out the Electrical Form included in this package and return it directly to the Hyatt with your payment. The hotel has offered us a discount of 50% for additional power needs. You do NOT need to complete the Electrical request form if you will only be using the allotted 3 amps.

Telephone & Internet

The hotel can provide a phone line for your credit card terminals and other phone needs. We’ve negotiated with the Hyatt for a substantial rate reduction for basic phone service.
The reduced rate for a phone is $100 installation plus $30 day for Sat., Sun. and Mon. ($90) Total charges, less tax will be $190. Fill out the Phone Form in this package, and return it directly to the Hyatt with your payment.
The Hyatt has updated their ballroom internet - it's now incredibly fast, fibre based, and access for ONE device is provided with your booth purchase. If you need more than one device on the hi-speed WiFi, you can purchase additional codes for $41 per DAY per device. You can purchase your internet before the show here, or you can go to the reg desk during the show to purchase.

Exhibitor Shipping & Drayage

Shipping & Storage

If you need to ship product or displays in advance, plan your shipments to arrive NO EARLIER than 10 days before the convention.
NOTE: The Hyatt Charges a service fee for EACH received package based on the following rate schedule:

  • Boxes 1-25 lbs $4.00 per box
  • Boxes 26-50 lbs $8.00 per box
  • Crate Up to 100lbs $50.00 per crate
  • Crate over 100lbs $150.00 per crate
  • Pallets $100.00 per crate/pallet

Send your shipments to:
  • (Your Company)
  • (Booth Number)
  • c/o KublaCon 19 May 23-27
  • Hyatt Regency SFO
  • 1333 Bayshore Hwy.
  • Burlingame, CA 94010
The Hotel uses Federal Express and Airbourne for all out going packages. Should you wish to use UPS, you must have an account number and call UPS yourself.

Loading Dock Restrictions

Loading dock is for deliveries of Hotel items. There is a ramp which is to the side of the loading dock and goes directly in the back service corridor of the Grand Peninsula Ballroom. The dimensions of the hallway, ramp door for this area is: 20’ long, 20 degree incline 80’h x 68’w.The ramp/loading area is behind the Hotel. Please go into the driveway that is next to the Pool area. After unloading, do not remain there. Please park in parking garage. Larger vehicles can get permission to park in the back of the Hotel (even though it is a red zone). Please report to Convention Manager size of vehicle, estimated time of arrival and departure.