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Inked Circus - London International Tattoo Expo Application Details

Thanks for applying to Inked Circus' London International Tattoo Expo!  All applications will be reviewed to ensure that only quality artists are showcased at our event. Upon approval a representative will be in contact to finalize your booth order.

Upon acceptance you will receive an email with a 'Purchase' link.  This link will allow you to select your booth type, secure hotel rooms and purchase any additional booth items you require.


Reserve your booth space at London International Tattoo Expo - Inked Circus.

2019 DATES: August 16, 17 & 18

Full Size (2) Artist Booth - $999.00 ($949 if booked before March 15, 2019) - Space Includes: 10'x10' booth space, 2 vendor passes, 1 skirted 6' table and 2 padded chairs, hydro outlet, drape backdrop and sides, sanitary floor covering Plus a fantastic welcome package of tattooing supplies from Primal Attitude

Half Size (Single) Artist Space $549.00 ($525 if booked before March 15, 2019)  Includes: 5'x10' booth space, 1 vendor passes, shared hydro outlet, drape backdrop and side, sanitary floor covering Plus a fantastic welcome package of tattoo supplies from Primal Attitude.

Double Size (4) Artist Booth - $1999 ($1800 if booked before March 15, 2019) Space Includes: 10'x20' booth space, 4 vendor passes, 2 skirted 6' table and 4 padded chairs,  2 hydro outlets, drape backdrop and sides, sanitary floor covering Plus a fantastic welcome package of tattooing supplies from Primal Attitude

Vendor Booth Full Size ($850) Includes: 10'x10' booth space, 2 vendor passes, hydro, 1 skirted 8' table and 2 padded chairs, drape backdrop. (No tattooing in a vendor booth)

Vendor Booth Partial Size ($450) Includes: 8'x8' or 6'x10' booth space, 2 vendor passes, 1 skirted 6' table and 2 padded chairs, drape backdrop. (No tattooing in a vendor booth)

BEFORE YOU BEGIN APPLICATION have the following documents available: Your shop logo, 3 photos of your recent work, Certificates from Health Board.


Hotel Rooms:  We have secured the best hotel rates in the city at the Hilton Doubletree which is attached to the venue.  Must book room through us to receive special rate.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Only Credit Card is accepted through our online portal. 

To pay via cheque or email transfer complete the application and inform us of your desired payment arrangements.

Upon completing the application a representative will be in touch to complete your order.

Additional items can be ordered when your purchase your booth space.  You can add these items when you order your booth or you can log back into your account at any time to add additional items. 

You will be sent a separate purchase link to add to your order.

Rates will be as follows:

Additional Vendor Passes: $25 each

Wired Internet Connection: $175 each

Note Taxes and processing fee will be added to posted rates

Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer



1.             The Exhibitor agrees to pay Grimbrothers Entertainment Inc the sum stated on the order of this booth, for the rights hereby licensed to the Exhibitor. CANCELLATION OF THIS CONTRACT FOR ANY REASON WILL RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF ALL MONIES PAID.

To permit the Exhibitor, for the occupancy period below, to use and occupy the assigned booth location(s) outlined as follows, for the purpose of participating in:

London International Tattoo Expo - Inked Circus

Event Days:  August 16-18, 2019

2.           Grimbrothers Entertainment Inc and Exhibitor agree to the following terms and conditions and further agree that this Booth Rental Agreement applies specifically for the event date and occupancy period outlined in clause 1.(a) of this Booth Rental Agreement. For greater clarification, the Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that this Booth Rental Agreement does not bind or obligate the London Comic Con In any way for any dates, period or year that is outside the terms of this agreement, and that this Booth Rental Agreement replaces any previously signed Booth Rental Agreement(s) between the London Comic Con and the Exhibitor.

3.             The Exhibitor hereby covenants to have the exhibit complete and in the space contracted for showing no later than August 16th at 2pm and leave the exhibit in place until the official closing of the event on August 18th at 6:00pm. All exhibits must be open to the public and in charge with a competent attendant during all hours the event is open.

4.             The Exhibitor listed on this agreement shall be the only one utilizing the booth space contracted for the duration of the event.  Space may not be shared with another exhibitor, nor sub-let or resold under any circumstance.

5.             The Exhibitor agrees to present a fully finished a professional booth space. No display of unnecessary profane imagery or words, your area kept clean at all times.

6.             NO shipments will be accepted prior to August 15th, venue paperwork must be completed prior to sending shipment, holding charges may apply

7.             Restocking: One hour prior to show open on Sat and Sunday, carry in items only.

8.              The Convention Centre does not offer storage during the show. Any exhibitors requiring this service must remove all crates from the show floor and store them offsite or make the necessary arrangements through an independent party.

9.             Draws: Upon approval, the Exhibitor agrees all ballot information is strictly confidential and will not be sold, loaned, rented, or given to any other individual or organization for any purpose, whatsoever.

10.           Any and all admission tickets purchased cannot be resold and are non-refundable.

11.           The Exhibitor warrants that nothing displayed, sold, or done by Exhibitor will be in violation of any trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual property right, Exhibitor agrees to indemnify the Event and it's organizers and save them harmless against all claims or demands by and liability to any party or parties, and all expenses and costs, including legal costs on a solicitor and client basis, that may be incurred at any time that the Exhibitor is or may be in breach of this warranty, the Event and it's organizers without limiting its other rights and remedies, may without warning or prior notice close the Exhibitor’s booth, eject the Exhibitor from the grounds, and retain all proceeds of the Exhibitor’s sales of any and all products as security for the performance of the foregoing agreement to indemnify.

12.           There is no exclusivity to anyone however as show organizers we keep the best interests in mind for our exhibitors and do our best to not over saturate any particular item.

13.          Grimbrothers Entertainment Inc shall not be obliged to accept any contract and shall have the right to cancel any contract without refund on violation of any rule, regulation or term of this contract. The decision of the removal of an unqualified product or breach of rules, or the entire booth, or decisions on booth allocation and set-ups shall be at the sole discretion of Show Management.

14.           Grimbrothers Entertainment Inc shall not be bound by this agreement until executed by a duly authorized representative of Grimbrothers Entertainment Inc.

15.           Any exhibit(s) not removed from the building or the grounds by the end of the specified move out deadline, will be charged a “late fee” $100.00 per day, plus taxes. Grimbrothers Entertainment Inc cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses incurred by The Exhibitor from failure to remove the exhibit by the move out deadline.

16.           The Exhibitor agrees that none of the rights or authorities contracted for herein may be transferred to any other person(s) or entity(s) whatsoever without the expressed written consent of the Show Organizers.

17.           Grimbrothers Entertainment Inc and London Convention Centre acknowledges and accepts that they are committed to providing a Healthy and Safe work environment for its employees and for those who contract work or participate in activities on the property or in their facilities.  This commitment applies to this contract. The Exhibitor shall abide by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations and any work guidelines provided by the London Convention Centre. or any other Authority and agree that the employees of both the London Convention Centre and/or The London Comic Con may intervene at any time to insure adherence to such regulations and guidelines.

18.           The Exhibitor acknowledges that booth space is not secured until full payment is received by Grimbrothers Entertainment Inc.

19.      Booth locations will be assigned by the Show and are subject to change at the discretion of the organizers