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Vendor Booth Application Details

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Please complete the form in its entirety and understand that simply submitting this form does not guarantee you a space at VikingsCon. It is only after this full form is received, reviewed, and approved that a space will be issued. Incomplete applications will not be approved. All forms must be received by July 2, 2019 . You must submit your application by this date. You will hear back on the status of your application by July 16, 2019. 

Vendor Booth- $300

Vendor Booth Package  Includes:
  • One (1) 8'x10' space
  • One (1)  6-8ft. table (uncovered)
  • Two (2) chairs
  • Two (2) Vendor badges
  • Listed on the Website
  • Free WiFi at the Venue

Outside space Available. Period-style set-up required.

Add'l Badge - $25.00 (Up to 2 Max)
Table $10.00
Electricity/Outlet FREE (Based on availability. Must provide your own power cords. Not available for outdoor vendor space.)


  • Vendor tables are not refundable. 
  • The Red Serpents, LLC agrees to provide booth and/or table space, to the Vendor at VikingsCon, barring any unforeseen acts of God which may occur prior to or during these dates to prevent space being available. Vendor space is made up of 80 sq. ft., or one (8’x10’) booth. Vendor booth placement is not guaranteed, but Promoter will act in good faith when possible to accommodate requests and make a few changes as possible after diagram has been released. Vendor agrees not to use any area outside of their designated Vendor space for sales, storage, display, or advertisement, and to be respectful of their neighboring Vendors. Vendor agrees to keep space clean and presentable during the Event. Exhibits must remain whole until the event has ended. 
  • Vendor agrees that The Red Serpents, LLC, its staff, and its volunteers, shall not be responsible for items lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed during the convention, during convention set up or during convention clean up.  
  • Vendor Booth and/or Table space assignments are the sole responsibility of The Red Serpents, LLC. Vendor agrees to keep the assigned area clean and be responsible for any damage caused by the Vendor. Booth and/or Tables are to remain in the specified space and configuration as placed by The Red Serpents, LLC. 
  • The rights granted to the Vendor may not be sold, sublet, given, or otherwise transferred to any third party.  
  • Vendor acknowledges that The Red Serpents, LLC grants no terms of exclusivity or other licensing agreement to Vendor.  
  • Vendor agrees to do business only during posted hours and not to engage in any disruptive activities, including, but not limited to: unloading and movement of merchandise outside areas leased to the Vendor, excessive noise, or any activity deemed by The Red Serpents, LLC to be disruptive to other Vendors or not in the best interest of VikingsCon or any of its participants (i.e. excessive loud noise or music, etc.). 
  • Vendor agrees to display and/or sell merchandise, which is consistent with all International and US copyright and trademark agreements, as well as all laws of the City of LaPlata and the State of Maryland. 
  • Vendor agrees that any violation or breach of this agreement may result in the cancellation of this agreement and forfeiture of the Vendor’s leased space without refund. 
  • The foregoing represents the full agreement between The Red Serpents, LLC and the Vendor.

Promotional Support

Vendor agrees to provide:
  • Minimum of 3 total posts across your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • At least one dedicated email blast to your subscribers

VikingsCon Social media Links

    Facebook: @VikingsCon
    Instagram: @VikingsCon
    Twitter: @Vikings_Con


Join our Great Hall!

The VikingsCon Great Hall will features booth after booth of unique, creative and handmade products from vendors and artists who are as passionate as our attendees about the Vikings culture. The Great Hall is an extension of VikingsCon itself — a gathering place that gives you a chance to get to know your fellow attendees and find special wares or art.

Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

The Red Serpents, LLC does not guarantee attendance or exhibitor sales. All dealers exhibit at their own financial risk.