Board Game Bash 2018 Application :: Vendor/Exhibitor Application

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Vendor/Exhibitor Application Application Details

Thank you for your interest in being at Board Game Bash!  Please answer the following questions to submit your vendor / exhibitor application, which will then be processed.  Once approved, you can pick up your vendor space at the convention.


Your exhibitor/vendor space is a great place to demo your game, sell product, or promote your Kickstarter!  Booths are located off the main game floor to provide maximum visibility to attendees, and is locked behind an airwall when the room is closed.  Standard booths includes two 6 ft by 2.5 ft tables and four chairs, though this can be modified as needed.  Double booths have 4 tables and 4 chairs.  We will also provide WiFi, as well as a power drop.  (Though bringing extension cords is recommended.)

Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

All attendees, staff, volunteers, and vendors at Board Game Bash are subject to our Code of Conduct.  Among other things, this document ensures that Board Game Bash is fun and welcoming, and prohibits harassment of any kind.

In addition, as a public event, we may photographs, video, or audio may be recorded at the convention.  You understand that these may be used for promotional or advertising purposes at the discretion of the convention organizers.