ComiCONN at Foxwoods Resort and Casino 2018 Application :: Vendor/Artist Waitlist

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Vendor/Artist Waitlist Application Details

Please complete this application to placed on our waitlist.

Based on the order in which waitlist applications are received, you will be contacted if and when space becomes available.


If you are a vendor looking to use ComiCONN name, logo or characters on any of your merchandise please contact us for further information.

Please note: Displays cannot exceed the height of the pipe and drape which is 8 ft tall and must be confined in your purchased area.

Please note sharing of space is not permitted. 


Set up & load in for exhibitors will be on Friday, June 29th from 11am to 11pm.  8pm will be last vehicles allowed into the lot to unload. After 9pm no vehicles will be allowed to unload and will be enforced by Foxwoods, please plan accordingly. You can stay in the venue till 11pm to setup your space. Load in on Saturday morning June 30th begins at 6am till 8am. Need to have space setup and ready to go for 9am open for VIP's.  Please provide your own handcart.  Exhibitor trucks, vans, and the like are instructed to use parking garage/lot 10 once you have unloaded.

Further Tax Information:

1.     Once you have filed for a “CT Sales Tax ID”, please fill out the below information to register as a vendor/artist with the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation (MPTN). Once filled out, please email the contact below.

Charlie Ferguson, MPTN Assistant Controller: or call at 860-396-3180 (You may also contact Charlie Ferguson with any questions or concerns you may have pertaining to the Tribal Sales Tax.)


Legal Business Name: _______________________________________________________

Federal Tax ID: _____________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________

Contact Name:  _____________________________________________________________

Phone Number for Contact: ___________________________________________________

Email Address for Contact: ____________________________________________________

Anticipated Date of First Sales in Mashantucket: ___________________________________

Anticipated types of sales:  ___retail goods    ____food and beverage   _____Other (Explain)


2.      After Sunday, July 1st (the last day of ComiCONN), vendors/artists must remit their taxes before August 31st in the following manner:

a.      6.35% to the State of CT

- Payment can be processed through the following website:

b.      1% to the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation

- Payment can be processed through a link provided via email by Charlie Ferguson.

Important: ComiCONN, Altered Reality Entertainment and its organizers, agents, officers, employees and venue are not liable for remittance of the sales tax. Vendors/Artists are solely responsible for registering, filing and remitting their sales tax accrued from ComiCONN. Failure to do so will incur fees and vendors/artists will risk not being able to return to ComiCONN the following year. Vendors/Artists will also be reported to the CT Department of Revenue services and the MPTN Tax department per regulations.

Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

The undersigned applies for space at the above listed show and includes payment with this form or online. 

1. Upon receipt of the Exhibitor’s application the manager shall assign table location and space as per their discretion. Space is assigned on a first come first serve basis by management. Exhibitor shall not have the option to cancel space due to location assigned. Management shall try to accommodate requests if possible at their discretion. Manager reserves the right to refuse any Exhibitor without recourse from said Exhibitor. If Manager refuses a Exhibitor prior to 48 hours before the show the Manager shall return any payments made from said Exhibitor. Neither party shall have rights, obligations of liability with regard to the other. Payments made shall not be returned in the event a Exhibitors cancels or no shows. In the event where a vendor or artist is asked to leave the show no refund will be given. 

2. Setup of tables must be completed BY 45 MINUTES PRIOR TO DOORS OPENING Business is to be conducted until show closing time. Packing up prior to closing time is NOT permitted. Exhibitors shall keep all aisles clear and free from debris. Exhibitors shall not use aisle space to display items. No table shall be shared without prior written consent from the management. Exhibitors shall keep all emergency exits clear. Dealers must keep table space occupied at all times 

3. Smoking, consumption of alcohol or drugs and gambling in the convention area is not permitted. 

4. Exhibitors shall comply with all local, state and federal laws including but not limited to taxes. 

5. If show is cancelled for any reason the show's sole responsibility to exhibitors is to return any payments paid by them and neither party shall have any further rights, obligations of liability with regard to the other. 

6. Manager reserves the right to impose additional rules as needed. Exhibitor agrees to abide by any and all rules current or future that may be imposed. 

7. Terror Con and its organizers, agents, officers, employees and venue shall not be held liable for any damage injuries or loss to property or persons. Exhibitor its agents, officers and employees agree to hold harmless ComiCONN, Altered Reality Entertainment, it’s organizers, agents, officers, employees and venue from any expenses arising from a claim of injury, loss or damage including any and all costs arising from defending the claim including any legal fees. 

8. Adult related material, extra tables and chairs not assigned by management, switching, rearranging or sharing tables are not permitted. Types of items must be approved by Terror Con or Altered Reality Entertainment prior to booking space at the show. 

9. Solicitation of vendors, artists, celebrities and fans for other shows is prohibited and will result in removal without refund and possible non-admittance to future shows.

10. Vendor understands that Altered Reality Entertainment and ComiCONN responsibility for vendor sales. Placement at the show in a specific spot is not guaranteed. 

11. All vendors must possess or obtain a RI tax ID permit per the state of RI. State tax ID’s are not valid and you must obtain a RI tax ID. If you have an RI tax ID number, it must be present at the show. All taxes must be paid prior to departing the show.

12.  Please note that by applying for a space at the show you agree to be added to our mailing list.

13. Breaking down before the show is closed is strictly prohibited and will result in a fine of $400.00 by entering the show I understand and agree to pay the promoter on site. I may also be banned from future events.

14. Promoting of other events and shows at the show are prohibited unless prior written permission is granted by the promoter, if you are found to be doing so you may be removed from the show.

15. In the event any of these rules are broken and you must be removed from the show you agree to forfeit all fees and monies paid for you space and no refund will be offered. These forms are owned by ComiCONN and Altered Reality Entertainment and duplication of these forms is prohibited.