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Exhibitor Application Application Details

Apply to join the #WILDnGREASY crew! Shock Stock is notorious for being the most intimate and intense show in the entire world! The truest of horror fans flock to the Ramada to unload their tax returns on YOUR crazy wares.

Shock Stock Exhibitor packages are the best value around as well, since they come included with two nights accommodations at the Ramada! PARK 'N FLY, BABY!  No morning commute, just wake up and walk down the hall, get some breakfast, and head to the show....

Please note that we screen applications thoroughly and we limit the number of similar vendors so APPLY NOW !


DEALER SET-UP: Friday April 27th – 8am - 4pm

DEALER HOURS:      Friday April 27th       – 4pm - 9pm    
                                   Saturday April 28th   -  11am - 8pm
                                   Sunday April 29th      - 11am -5pm


Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer


1. Dealers display will not extend beyond the boundaries of the space that is paid for and provided, or into the
aisle ways in front of their tables. Standard space is approx. 8ft x 8ft with one 8ft table included. (Not all
spaces are standard ). Ramada has agreed not to charge for electricity. If needed, please bring your own
extension cords as you may not necessarily be placed near an outlet.
2. Dealer agrees to keep their area clean and is responsible for any damage they may cause to the venue. No
staples, tacks, or nails are permitted to hang items on walls or ceilings. A charge of $25 will be levied for
each hole.
3. Dealer will not sublet space to another dealer.
4. GRIMBROTHERS Entertainment accepts no responsibility for any merchandise sold at the show.
Responsibility for the merchandise and the legalities of selling, and/or necessary rights required to sell any
merchandise rests solely in the hands of the dealer doing the selling. Adult and/or pornographic material
should be discretely displayed and/or kept behind the table. No food or food items may be sold at the
convention without permission from Ramada Inn London. Please submit food sales proposal in writing
prior to dealer application.
5. Dealer agrees not to break down their table/display before the conclusion of the show without permission of
the promoters.
6. There will be no smoking in the dealer area and all dealers must comply with Provincial smoking, fire and
safety laws.
7. Dealer is responsible for all taxes and licenses required by the province of Ontario.
8. Show promoters and/or Ramada Inn London will not be held responsible for any injury to any show
dealers, or any loss or damage to any exhibitor's property from any cause whatsoever while that property is
in transit to/from/while at Ramada Inn. Exhibitor room is locked after regular convention hours are over but
Grimbrothers Entertainment and Ramada Inn London are not to be held responsible for theft or damage of
any kind.
9. The dealer realizes that guests and events scheduled are subject to last minute changes or cancellation.
Dealer or Exhibitor understands that once dealer space is paid for, no money or credit will be issued or
refunded even if the dealer is unable to attend the show.
10. Dealer understands that ALL tables will be assigned on a first paid, first placed basis. In other words: if you
want wall space, you will have to pay early for it. Don't expect prime location if you pay for your space
close to the actual show date.