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Vendor Application Application Details

We thank you for your interest in being a vendor with T-Pop Tulsa on October 14-15, 2017.  The first step to purchasing a space is filling out this application. 


T-POP Culture Expo was created by Tulsa Pop Kids as a fundraiser to help promote literacy amongst young people in NE Oklahoma and surrounding areas.  We seek to ignite their imagination by providing reading material that sparks their creativity and  desires through the characters they want to read about.  


Booth Definition and Placement

  • Tulsa Pop Culture Expo will be providing various vendor opportunities

  • Vendor Booths are multiple size, get with our vendor area representative to see what's available. Sectioned areas (sectioning may include traditional pipe and drape or decorative Theatrical pieces to create sectioned areas.)

  • Each booth comes with exhibitor badges.

    • 2 badges per space purchased.

    • Additional exhibitor badges for the weekend are $15 each.  (Savings of 60%)

    • Badges are non-transferable

    • Passes are for Exhibitor & Staff use ONLY and are not permitted to be sold.

  • Each space contains - What do we want to provide?  For example

    • One 6”’ table

    • 8” foot tables are available upon request for booth purchases.

      • If 8ft tables are required the request must be made up to 3 weeks prior to the event to provide decorator ample time to secure them for your use.

    • Additional tables can be rented in booth rental.

    • Two chairs

    • A small company identification sign

    • A small garbage can.

  • Exhibitors cannot expand into other booths or set-up outside of their designated booth space. This includes signage.

    • Unless other arrangements have been approved by Tulsa Pop Culture Expo staff member.

  • Additional tables are available from the decorator for a fee of $20 per.  Or they may bring their own.

  • Electricity is available for order from the convention center for a fee of $25 per booth.

  • Premier Booths are located adjacent to the standard booth space and are indicated in the forthcoming vendor map.

    • They have a higher visibility to attendees.

  • Standard Booths are in the middle and on the sides of the vendor hall.

  • Adjacent spaces may be purchased to create a larger sales space.

  • Corner spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Booth placement priority is based upon a combination of factors, including the number of conventions you book on the Tulsa Pop Culture Expo tour, the number of booths booked, etc. Tulsa Pop Culture Expo will make every effort to give you your top selections during the booth placement process, but cannot guarantee a specific placement. Do we want to make any statement toward the future

  • Exhibitors may not rent or sublet their space without the express permission of Tulsa Pop Culture Expo.

  • Checks will be accepted only with Tulsa Pop Culture Expo staff approval and there are no exceptions allowed.

  • Payments must be made through the online payment system. (GrowTix)

  • Discount codes are provided directly from your sales representative.


  • Maps will be made available prior to the event.

  • All booths must be paid-in-full in order to be placed on the map.

  • Booth placement will occur upon payment.

  • Press Areas and locations for broadcasting (podcasting, YouTubing, Twitching, Facebook Live, etc) will be available.



  • For our event the hotel will be providing internet to the vendors.

  • If higher Speed Wifi is required it can be purchased from the Hotel for an additional cost




  • Our Exhibition Room Hours will be:

      • All hours are subject to change.

    • FRIDAY -

      • We will be hosting a Zombie Walk downtown at 8pm or TBD… This is a fundraiser walk, admission for this for vendors is $5.00 per person.

    • SATURDAY (9:30am-7:00pm)

    • SUNDAY: (9:30am-5:00pm)

    • Exhibition Room Set-up:

      • Friday (12- 10pm)

      • Saturday (6:00am - 9;30am)

  • Check in at the Exhibitor check in table. There will be no check in at the loading dock after 12:00pm on Friday. Your placement will be confirmed before the event, but all badges must be picked up at the show and will not be mailed prior to the event.

  • Exhibitors will check in with Tulsa Pop Culture Expo staff member prior to any and all load-in activities.

  • Assignment of space will be by show management. We will try to accommodate as many special requests as possible but cannot guarantee where you will be located.


Please note that by purchasing exhibitor space at Tulsa Pop Culture Expo Tulsa  2017 you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below.





  • Defined Terms

    • The term “Event” means Tulsa Pop Culture Expo, currently scheduled to be October 15-16, 2016. at the Wyndham Hotel in Tulsa .

    • The Event is owned, produced and managed by “Tulsa Pop Culture Expo Tulsa."   

    • As used hereinafter, the term “Organizer” means, collectively Tulsa Pop Culture Expo Tulsa, and each of its/their respective officers, directors, agents, affiliates, representatives, employees and assigns, unless the context requires otherwise.  

    • The term “Exhibitor” means, collectively (I) the company, any other business entity, or person that applied for exhibit space rental and agreed to enter into this contract with Tulsa Pop Culture Expo (ii) each of its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, contractors, agents, representatives, and/or invitees, as applicable.

    • Booths must remain intact and manned throughout the hours of the convention and may not be dismantled prior to the closing of the convention. Tulsa Pop Culture Expo Tulsa  will not be held responsible for any issues arising from an unmanned booth during show hours. The loading dock will not be open for breakdown prior to the close of the exhibition room.

  • Aisle Interference: Giveaway tables, autograph tables, video viewing tables, or demonstration tables must be placed a minimum of 2 ft. back from the aisle. Videogames should be installed at the back of the booth to accommodate persons playing as well as onlookers. Should participants and/or onlookers interfere with the normal traffic flow of the aisle or overflow into the neighboring exhibits, the Show Management may ask you to discontinue the activity.

  • Prizes: No drawings for prizes may be held that require the winner be present to win. This includes trivia contests, audience participation events, and scavenger hunts. Absolutely no games or contests where a fee is charged to participate are allowed. This includes bingo-type games, wheels of fortune, card picks, raffles, and grab bags as well as video games and other arcade style games. No contest will be allowed that involves the consumption of any food or beverage. Contests must comply with applicable state and federal regulations.

  • Giveaways and Flyer Distribution: Giveaways and flyer distribution should take place from within the exhibitor booth.  Flyers maybe distributed in aisles, or lobbies, adjacent to the vendor hall of the Wyndam Hotel.  

  • Stickers: Exhibitors may give away or distribute stickers however if Exhibitors stickers are found adhered to any surface of the hotel the exhibitor will be charged for removal of stickers found.

  • All sword and knife dealers must provide proof of insurance upon request.

  • In addition, all vendors/exhibitors/artists acknowledge that Tulsa Pop Culture Expo Tulsa  and all Tulsa Pop Culture Expo Tulsa staff members, workers, employees and agents, will NOT provide or maintain insurance coverage for vendors/exhibitors persons or property, and it is their sole responsibility to obtain insurance covering loss.

  • Tulsa Pop Culture Expo Tulsa in no way endorses any artists/vendor's/exhibitor's merchandise, exhibits, views, beliefs, or actions. All artists/vendors/exhibitors are deemed to be their own business/entity and in no way reflect the views, beliefs, intentions and/or direction of Tulsa Pop Culture Expo Tulsa. Artists/vendors/exhibitors do not represent Tulsa Pop Culture Expo Tulsa in any way.

  • All merchandise bought or sold at the Tulsa Pop Culture Expo Tulsa is done strictly between artists/vendors/exhibitors and attendees/buyers, Tulsa Pop Culture Expo Tulsa  is not party to or responsible in any way for any transactions made between said parties.

  • No Bootleg merchandise will be tolerated.  

  • No outside food vendors are allowed.

  • Handcarts/Dollies: At no time when the Exhibit Hall is open to the public is any type of handcart allowed on the Exhibit Hall floor. No handcarts are allowed in the lobby at any time. When off-loading heavy objects during move in/out, the use of floor protection and extreme care are required outside Exhibit Hall.

  • Helium: Helium balloons are not allowed, including distribution and sale.

  • Pyrotechnics and Lasers: A special permit is required for the use of pyrotechnics and/or lasers and must be pre-approved by the Fire Marshal. Stand-by personnel may be required at the cost of the exhibitor.

  • In-booth storage: Exhibitors may store a maximum of one day’s worth of stock in their booth. Additional onsite storage is available at a cost through TBD.

  • PLEASE NOTE: To arrange in-booth cleaning services, please contact TBD.

  • Fog/smoke machines: No fog/smoke machines will be permitted in the vendor Hall. Any device that produces smoke or any other airborne particulate will not be allowed.

  • Fasteners: No nails or screws may be driven into the floor. No damage of any nature may be done to any part of the Exhibit Hall. Never staple, tape or deface drapes, materials or walls belonging to the Wydhm hotel or Show Decorator.

  • Damages: Any damage caused to the building by an exhibitor or their employee is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor and will be billed accordingly.


Adult Oriented Materials

  • Adult materials are restricted and may only be displayed in a manner approved by Tulsa Pop Culture Expo staff. All adult materials must be either behind the table or, if displayed on a table or display rack bagged or covered so that minors may not open it. Any adult material containing nudity must be covered in accordance with local and state laws. Artists/Exhibitors agree not to sell any adult materials to minors. Violating this rule is cause for immediate dismissal from the show with no refund.

  • No Live Animals are allowed without the express consent of Tulsa Pop Culture Expo.

  • Nudity is NOT allowed in the convention center under any circumstances.

  • No Bingo, Lottery type gaming (or gambling of any sort) is allowed.


State Taxes

  • State tax is the responsibility of the artist/vendor to collect according to state laws.

  • No exhibit may block or interfere with other exhibits or with the aisle space. Any damage caused to the building or its furnishings by the Artist/Exhibitor are the sole responsibility of the Artist/Exhibitor.

  • Exhibitors are not permitted to have celebrity guests in their booths without the express written permission of Tulsa Pop Culture Expo. These requests will be granted only on limited circumstances due to contractual obligations and restrictions.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Booth placement is subject to Fire Marshal changes at any point during the duration of the event.

  • Assumption of Risks; Releases

    • Exhibitor expressly assumes all risks associated with, resulting from or arising in connection with Exhibitor’s participation or presence at the Event, including, without limitation, all risks of theft, loss, harm, damage or injury to the person (including death), property, business or profits of Exhibitor or Exhibitor’s employees, contractors, representatives, patrons, guests or invitees (collectively, the “Exhibitor Parties”), whether caused by negligence, intentional act, accident, act of God or otherwise.

    • Exhibitor has sole responsibility for its property or any theft, damage or other loss to such property and the Exhibitor Parties’ property (whether or not stored in any courtesy storage area), including without limitation any subrogation claims by its insurer.

    • Neither Organizer nor the Exhibit Facility accepts responsibility, nor is a bailment created, for property and the Exhibitor Parties’ property delivered by or to Exhibitor. Neither Organizer nor the Exhibit Facility shall be liable for, and Exhibitor hereby fully and forever release and discharge the Organizer and the Exhibit Facility, individually and collectively, and their present and former officers, directors, shareholders, partners, affiliates, employees, agents, representatives and attorneys, and predecessors, assignees and successors of each of them, from all claims, actions, causes of action, demands, cross-claims, counter-claims, obligations, contracts, indemnities, contributions, suits, debts, sums, accounts, controversies, rights, damages, costs, attorneys’ fees, losses, expenses and liabilities whatsoever, in law, equity or otherwise (collectively “Claims”) which either may now have or have had or which may hereafter accrue, individually, collectively or otherwise in connection with, relating to or arising out of Exhibitor’s participation and/or presence in the Event and/or damage to property belonging to the Exhibitor or to the Exhibitor Parties.


  • Qualifications of Exhibitor

    • Tulsa Pop Culture Expo, in its sole discretion, shall have the right to determine whether a prospective exhibitor is eligible to participate in the Event.

    • Indemnification Exhibitor

      • Exhibitor shall indemnify, defend (with legal counsel satisfactory to Tulsa Pop Culture Expo Tulsa  in its sole discretion) and hold Organizer and the Exhibit Facility harmless from any and all claims, demands, suits, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses, which result from or arise out of or in connection with

        • (a) Exhibitors’ participation or presence at the Event;

        • (b) any breach by Exhibitor of any agreements, covenants, promises or other obligations under this contract;

        • (c) any matter for which Exhibitor is otherwise responsible under the terms of this contract;

        • (d) any violation or infringement (or claim or violation or infringement) of any law or ordinance or the rights of any party under any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary right;

        • (e) any libel, slander, defamation or similar claims resulting from the actions of Exhibitor;

        • (f) harm or injury (including death) to Exhibitor; and

        • (g) loss or damage to property or the business or profits of Exhibitor, whether caused by negligence, intentional act, accident, act of God, theft, mysterious disappearance or otherwise, and

        • (h) damage or loss of any property belonging to Exhibitor or the Exhibitor Parties.. Exhibitor shall not settle or compromise any claims against Organizer without Organizer’s prior written consent.


    • Limitation of Liability

      • Under no circumstances shall Organizer or the Exhibit Facility be liable for any lost profits or any incidental, special, indirect, punitive or consequential damages whatsoever for any of the acts or omissions whether or not apprised of the possibility of any such lost profits or damages. In no event shall Organizers maximum liability under any circumstance exceed the amount actually paid to Tulsa Pop Culture Expo Tulsa by Exhibitor for exhibit space rental pursuant to this contract. Organizer makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the number of persons who will attend the Event or regarding any other matters.

        • Cancellation by Exhibitor

          • Cancellation: Generally, partial cancellation of booth space is not permitted, any partial cancellation must have the prior written consent of Tulsa Pop Culture Expo, which consent shall be in Tulsa Pop Culture Expo’s absolute discretion.

          • Exhibitors who cancel exhibit space more than 90 days prior to the opening day of the Event, will be refunded total due, less $50.00.  

          • Exhibitors who cancel exhibit space less than 90 days prior to the opening day of the Event, but more than 60 days prior to the opening day of the Event, will pay a cancellation fee of 50% of total due.

          • There will be no refunds for cancellations made less than 60 days prior to the opening day of the Event. Exhibitor payment will be required.


        • Cancellation by Tulsa Pop Culture Expo

          • If Exhibitor fails to make a payment required by this contract in a timely manner, Tulsa Pop Culture Expo may terminate this contract immediately (and Exhibitor’s participation in the Event) without further notice and without obligation to refund monies previously paid.

          • Tulsa Pop Culture Expo reserves the right at its discretion to refuse Exhibitor permission to move in and set up an exhibit if Exhibitor is in arrears of any payment due to Tulsa Pop Culture Expo.  Tulsa Pop Culture Expo is expressly authorized (but has no obligation, expressed or implied) to occupy or dispose of any space vacated or made available by reason of action taken under this paragraph in such manner as it may deem best, and without releasing Exhibitor from any liability hereunder.  

          • Tulsa Pop Culture Expo may also terminate this contract effective upon written notice of termination if Exhibitor breaches any of its obligations under the contract without any obligations, expressed or implied, on Tulsa Pop Culture Expo’s part to refund any payments previously made and without releasing Exhibitor from any liability arising as a result of or in connection with such breach.

          • If Tulsa Pop Culture Expo removes or restricts an exhibit which Tulsa Pop Culture Expo considers to be objectionable or inappropriate, no refund will be due Exhibitor.


        • Cancellation of the Event

          • If Tulsa Pop Culture Expo cancels the Event due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Tulsa Pop Culture Expo (such as acts of God, acts of war, governmental emergency, labor strike or unavailability of the Exhibit Facility) Tulsa Pop Culture Expo shall refund to each Exhibitor its exhibit space rental payment previously paid, minus a share of costs and expenses incurred, in full satisfaction of Organizer’s liabilities to Exhibitor.

          • Tulsa Pop Culture Expo reserves the right to cancel, rename or relocate the Event or change the dates on which it is held. If Tulsa Pop Culture Expo changes the name of the Event, relocates the Event to another event facility within the same city or changes the dates for the Event to dates that are not more than thirty (30) days earlier or thirty (30) days later than the dates on which the Event originally was scheduled to be held, no refund will be due to Exhibitor; provided however, Tulsa Pop Culture Expo shall assign use of such space to Exhibitor pursuant to the terms of this contract.

          • If Tulsa Pop Culture Expo elects to cancel the Event other than for reasons previously described in this paragraph, Tulsa Pop Culture Expo shall refund to each Exhibitor its entire exhibit space rental payment previously paid, in full satisfaction of any and all liabilities on the part of the Organizer to Exhibitor.