Exhibit Space Applications

There are no exhibit space applications currently active.

Exhibit Space Details

Welcome to the Exhibitors Page! So you want to sell something at the convention and want to find out more? You’ve come to the right place.

Dealers Prices
10×10 – $300
10×20 – $600
10×30 – $900
10x40 – $1200
There are no spaces larger than 10×40, and you may only purchase one type of space per company.

Artists Prices
One Table - $100 (Limit 1!!)


  • No purchasing multiple booth areas for one company. This means you can buy 4 10x10s (which will be placed together), but you cannot purchase additional spaces. We strive for variety in our exhibit hall.
  • Absolutely no bootlegs! Dallas is the home of many professionals in the anime industry – bringing bootlegs to our con is not just against the rules, it is also disrespectful to all the people who put hard work into creating amazing anime shows.
  • Dealers must show up and be completely set up at least 30 minutes before the scheduled Vendor Hall opening hours.
  • There are no refunds for unused or cancelled spaces.


  • No purchasing multiple tables. Every artist or studio may have only ONE table, because we want to give as many unique artists as possible a chance to have a table.
  • We are unable to accommodate placement requests including request to be next to another artist; this helps us enforce the above rule.

Vendor and artist applications are a mixed-lottery system. A random selection of applicants will be selected from all the applicants, and emailed with instructions to get space. Some applications may be given priority based on their history with our event or type of items carried, in order to enhance the quality of our vendor hall. Although we would like to welcome everyone who is interested, applying does not guarantee a space simply because we have so many more applications than space available.

You should not purchase space if you have not received an acceptance email! Please apply first via our applications.

Exhibit Space Terms and Conditions and Disclaimers

No placement/location requests are accepted.  Vendor spaces are assigned in advance.