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Exhibit Space Details

Details listed above. Follow up with us with any questions! 

Exhibit Space Terms and Conditions and Disclaimers

1. This Exhibitor Application is subject to the attached License and Exhibition1 Agreement, which is incorporated by reference herein.
2. 50% deposit required upon completion of this application; 100% payment due within 60 days of signature.
3. Downsizing, Cancellation, Withdrawal: No penalty and/or full refund before 3/31/2022. Starting 4/2/2022, 30% of license fee differential applied.
4. If exhibit space is licensed after 5/1/2022, the full payment is required upon completion of this application.
5. The person(s) signing this document expressly warrants that he or she is authorized by Company to execute this Exhibitor Application and License Agreement . The person(s) also acknowledges that he or she has read and
accepted the exhibitor rules and regulation set forth in this License Agreement.