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ToyXpo (TOYX) is committed to keeping any and all personal information collected of all volunteers confidential, secure, and private. THEREFORE, this privacy policy agreement shall apply to TOYX, and thus it shall govern any and all personal data collection and usage thereof. Through the use of, you are herein consenting to the following data procedures expressed within this agreement.


Voluntarily provided information which may include your name, address, email address, home address, photos, etc., shall be collected with your application, at orientation and training, and/or at the start of the convention at volunteer check-in.


TOYX will only collect and make use of personal information to assist in the operation of the event and to deter and prevent fraudulent volunteer registrations. TOYX reserves the right to email newsletters and updates regarding TOYX events and volunteer programs that may contain third party promotion(s). TOYX does not now, nor will it in the future, sell, rent or lease any of our volunteer lists and/or names to any third parties. TOYX may disclose your personal information, without prior notice to you, only if required to do so in accordance with applicable laws and/or in good faith belief that such action is deemed necessary or is required in an effort to: (1) Remain in conformance(2) Maintain, safeguard and/or preserve all the rights and/or property of TOYX; (3) Perform under demanding conditions in an effort to safeguard the personal safety of users of and/or the general public.


Our Facebook volunteer page does not and will not contain personal information; however, TOYX does not claim nor accept responsibility for any privacy policies, practices and/or procedures of Facebook.


Volunteers are expected to abide by all of the policies set forth in the volunteer handbook. Failure to comply with the policies/procedures can be grounds for dismissal from your volunteer position. Make yourself familiar with the volunteer policies and procedures.


By completing the volunteer form, I acknowledge that I am exercising my own free choice to participate voluntarily and promise to take due care during such participation, hereby release and discharge, indemnify and hold harmless ToyXpo and its members, officers, agents, employees, and any other persons or entities acting on its behalf against any and all claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever, whether presently known or unknown, either in law or in equity, relating to injury, disability, death or other harm, to person or property or both, which may occur from known or unknown causes arising from my participation in ToyXpo and it’s events. I understand, accept, and assume all such hazards and risks, and waive all claims against ToyXpo, and other persons as set forth above. I understand that I am solely responsible for any costs arising out of any bodily injury or property damage sustained through my participation in normal or unusual acts associated with ToyXpo and it’s events.


I hereby release indemnify, and hold harmless ToyXpo from any and all liability claims, demands and causes of action of whatever kind and nature, including any injury caused by negligence incurred in conjunction with the ToyXpo. In addition, ToyXpo has my permission to use any photographs or videos taken for publicity purposes.


By agreeing to the terms aforementioned on the Volunteer Application Form, you are hereby accepting the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Agreement above. You also affirm all information you have provided to TOYX is accurate and current. ToyXpo may at time to time revise this agreement.

Volunteer Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer



ToyXpo is committed to providing all convention attendees, staff, and the general public with a fun and safe environment. To that end, ToyXpo abides by all California Statutes found in the California Penal Code.

Below is the volunteer policy for ToyXpo.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To volunteer at ToyXpo, you must be 18+ and agree to abide by all conditions and terms defined within this volunteer policy.

ToyXpo Volunteer Policy

What are the benefits of being a volunteer at ToyXpo?

First and foremost, the primary benefit of being a volunteer at ToyXpo is the pride and satisfaction a volunteer feels at having accomplished something beneficial to others. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives in your community. You can use your skills and experience to help and enrich the local community. Volunteering is also fun and fulfilling, allowing you to experience many diverse opportunities not always available to you elsewhere. Myself, I look at ToyXpo as a big amusement park that allows folks to take a break from the daily grind we call life and participate in a fun-filled weekend of joy and laughter. It sounds a little cheesy, even to my ears, but it really does feel good to know that people had a good time at ToyXpo and I helped to make it happen.

Volunteers are able to attend ToyXpo free-of-charge.

Volunteers receive an exclusive ToyXpo badge not available to the general public.

What conditions must I meet to be a volunteer at ToyXpo?

You have to be slightly crazy (j/k =p). Seriously though, it takes a special person to give a good chunk of time he or she could be using to enjoy a fun event and instead use that time to serve others. In order to volunteer you have to be 18+, super nice, and on your best behavior. We appreciate anyone willing to help us out, but you have got to remember that your sole purpose is to make sure convention attendees enjoy themselves and that everyone has fun in a safe environment. You have got to keep a level head and an even temper when dealing with anyone and everyone.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and be able to prove this with a valid state driver’s license or ID card, military ID, or passport.

Volunteers must be able to volunteer a minimum of one four-hour shift each day. Volunteers are able to work longer shifts and more than 4 hours per day if he or she desires.

What is acceptable behavior for volunteers at ToyXpo?

Volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner prior to, during, and after the convention due to the possibility that volunteers may be construed as representatives of ToyXpo. This includes participation in any online forums, chat rooms, or blogs. Even if the volunteer is not acting in an official capacity, others may view him or her as a representative of ToyXpo (Especially if a volunteer position at ToyXpo is indicated in some manner such as a volunteer t-shirt or forum signature).

It is ToyXpo’s policy to treat all convention attendees, artists, dealers, guests, Santa Clara Convention Center staff, ToyXpo Staff, and volunteers with courtesy and respect. All volunteers are expected to follow this policy.

ToyXpo is firmly committed to the health and safety of its volunteers,and has a responsibility to provide a safe environment to its volunteers, convention attendees, guests, and the general public. Volunteers under the influence of alcohol or drugs at ToyXpo are a hazard to themselves and to the health and well-being of others. The effects of certain drugs linger in the body and, therefore, recent use is as significant a problem as continuing use.

Volunteers are not allowed to consume or be under the influence of alcohol as defined in the California Penal Code while attending ToyXpo.

Volunteers are not allowed to consume or be under the influence of illegal drugs or substances as defined in the California Health and Safety Code while attending ToyXpo.

What are some expectations of ToyXpo in regards to volunteers?

Volunteers are expected to report for their shift on time and remain there for the entire duration. If a volunteer needs to be absent for any reason, they are expected to notify the volunteer coordinators or convention director or assistant convention directors promptly so that the shift can be arranged to be covered. In order to arrange for proper convention coverage, volunteers should notify the volunteer coordinators at least two (2) hours prior to the start of their scheduled shift.

Volunteers are expected to wear their color-coded volunteer wristband at all times while on-duty. Volunteer wristbands will be issued by ToyXpo to each volunteer at the beginning of their shift by the volunteer coordinators. Volunteers must return the volunteer wristband to the volunteer coordinators at the end of their shift. All volunteer wristbands are the property of ToyXpo.

Volunteers are expected to report for duty in clean clothing with special attention to personal hygiene.  A volunteer’s attire should not be tattered, contain obscene or offensive images or words, or be overly revealing.  We respect people’s opinions and freedom of speech and expression, but when on duty, you are representing ToyXpo.  ToyXpo staff may ask volunteer to change attire if not in compliance.

Volunteers are expected to follow common sense in regards to personal hygiene.  EX: showered, clean hair, deodorant, clean mouth, etc.

Volunteers are expected to respect ToyXpo’s, artists’, dealers’, and guests’ property.

What are the rules for the Green Room?

Volunteers are not permitted to allow non-volunteers entry into the Green Room.

What happens if I lose personal belongings or someone breaks into my vehicle while I’m volunteering at ToyXpo?

ToyXpo is not responsible for the theft or damage of volunteers’ personal property. You can help prevent theft if you consciously protect your belongings by taking some simple precautions. For example, do not bring valuables into the convention, do not leave valuables in plain sight in your vehicle, and make sure your vehicle is locked and secure.

If I violate this volunteer policy what type of disciplinary action will ToyXpo take against me?

Any volunteers that violate this volunteer policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including ejection from ToyXpo and the convention grounds and possibly being banned from all future ToyXpos. Most offenses can probably be resolved with a lecture from the convention director and a warning not to let it happen again.


About ToyXpo 2020

Welcome to ToyXpo Fan Comic and Toy Experience! We produce shows across the USA and we are excited to bring one of our master planned events to the Silicon Valley! We do things a bit different. We pride ourselves on not passing along excessive fees to our attendees, keeping photo ops and autographs affordable, creating intriguing VIP experiences that aren't just the same old thing, and making sure our attendees and the vendors who support the event, always know they are the most important to the success of the show.

We look forward to having you as our guest at the 2020 ToyXpo!


February 21st - 23rd 2020

San Jose

San Jose, Ca