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About the role of Volunteer

Agreeing to volunteer for YC3 should not be taken lightly. Volunteers put in long hours, mostly on their feet, and sometimes sacrifice the chance to enjoy YC3 as an attendee. But there are also great benefits: getting to see how a pop culture convention works from the inside, meeting cool people and making new friends, and most importantly, knowing that your contributions help provide a unique event to people in this part of the state who may not be able to afford travelling to Dallas, Austin, or Houston to attend a large convention.

With this great power comes great responsibility. It is important that ALL volunteers follow ALL rules and guidelines as set down by the YC3 Board.

1. A YC3 volunteer staff member will review your profile. Because our volunteers work directly with children, money, and high-profile guests, we require background checks on all volunteers. There is a link in volunteer registration site. Once you have been cleared, we will activate your account.

2. Based on the areas of interest you select in your profile, you will be assigned a team. You’ll get notification of shifts that come available in those departments and will be able to select the shifts you want to work.

3. Orientation is held in April. It is highly recommended that all volunteers attend orientation as this is a great chance to ask questions that might not be addressed in the manual or on our website.

4. Each department is encouraged to hold a training session(s) specific to their area the first week of April. Again, it is highly recommended that you attend these trainings as you get a one-on-one opportunity to meet your supervisors and team.

5. Once the Con begins, you will check in at the Volunteer Registration Desk at the YC3 Information Desk to receive your volunteer badge and t-shirt. Please check in a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your shift’s start time.

Volunteer Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

I agree to a criminal background check in order to volunteer at YC3.  I understand my information will be kept confidential and secure. 

About Yellow City Comic Convention 2019


May 10th - 12th, 2019

Amarillo Civic Center Complex

401 South Buchanan Street
Amarillo, Te