Volunteer Application

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About the role of Volunteer

AfroComicCon’s volunteers will be responsible for helping participants with:

  • Evaluation forms

  • Directions inside and outside of the conference

  • Assisting filming and documenting the event

  • Helping with the development and arts integration outcomes as they relate to the goals of the conference.


Volunteers are required to attend an orientation, complete the basic volunteer training workshop and obtain their VIP badges and information package.


After training, the Volunteers are expected to:

  • Meet with Staff
  • Help participants identify specific learning tracks and goals of the conference’s outcomes
  • Schedule time each week to review their roles and help us achieve our goals
  • Observations of progress
  • Assist participants to develop a portfolio of his/her writings, comic book, stories etc.
  • Periodically evaluate the participants’ progress and achievements.
  • Acknowledge his or her efforts and successes through the ongoing development of their work product portfolio
  • Seek support from presenters, panelist, event site-coordinators and planners, check hours with the site coordinator via sign-in log
  • Promptly report concerns or suspicious or unusual behavior that should be reported to the site coordinator
  • Treat participants with respect and maintain a team approach to volunteering
  • Engage in activities with participants either one-on-one or with small groups.
  • Collaborate with the Workshop presenters (with the assistance of the site-coordinator), staff members to assess the participants’ needs and appropriate methods to address them.
  • Volunteers should be well versed in the area they wish to volunteer.  


  • Volunteers must commit to working at least 2 hours for at least 1 of the 2 days of the event. They are encouraged to stay longer if possible.
  • Consistent, ongoing support is necessary for the participants and presenters with whom we are working with.
  • All volunteers are expected to honor the term of their commitment and must give written notification to the site coordinator if anything changes.
  • Volunteers must provide their own transportation
  • Volunteers are required to complete the following:
  1. An initial on-site training, arranged, event planners, and/or site coordinator
  2. A general training
  3. Complete a survey about your experiences
  4. Write an evaluation of the program event at the end of their first day

About AfroComicCon 2018

AfroComicCom unites, educates, and entertains a diverse, global audience around comics, art, media, and culture. We create a platform to showcase and bring power to artists who have historically been denied access to opportunity.

As a unique, creative entity we unite a diverse, global audience through establishing a creative space and opportunity for artist collaboration, networking, and mentoring.  The work and efforts of artists are showcased through workshops, panel discussions, theme rooms, multimedia demonstrations, cosplay as well as other costumed activities.


October 20th and 21st, 2018

SAE Expression College

6601 Shellmound Street
Emeryville, Ca