Volunteer Application :: Basic Information

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About the role of Volunteer

There are a variety of volunteer roles that are available.  No matter which area you volunteer in, your main role will be making sure every attendee has an amazing Bran-Con experience!

NOTICE:  Please ignore the "Select State" field unless you are from the USA.

  • Door Staff: Checking tickets.
  • Guest Services: Answering questions for attendees and directing people to specific areas.
  • Food Services: Serving food at our canteen. 
  • Accessibility Services: Helping people who have wheel chairs, walkers, other mobility issues, etc. safely navigate the event so no one misses out on all the fun!
  • Vendor Services: Assisting vendors as needed.
  • Registration Team: Signing in vendors, volunteers, artists, etc.
  • Set Up and Tear Down: Helping with setting up the event during the day or two prior to the event and the day after the event.
  • Sanitation: Making sure that Bran-Con is clean and tidy. Don't worry, you won't have to scrub toilets!
  • Talent Services: Assisting with our special guests.
  • Merchandise Booth: Selling Bran-Con and other merchandise.
  • Security: Making sure that people don't sneak into the event without paying, keeping the public safe by removing those who break the rules, and assisting with crowd control.
  • Floater: Volunteers who are willing to do a little bit of everything! Covering breaks, fetching items, helping Bran-Con organizing committee members, etc.

If you have any questions regarding volunteer roles, please email heather@fncmc.com

Volunteer Terms and Conditions and Release

Volunteers will be asked to sign a waiver prior to their shift. Bran-Con and FNCMegaCorp are not responsible for missing or stolen items.  Bran-Con and FNCMegaCorp are not responsible for any injuries incurred while volunteering. By submitting this volunteer application, you hereby agree to these terms and conditions.