Volunteer Application :: Basic Information

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About the role of Volunteer

Thank you for volunteering to work Carolina Fear Fest.  We hope to make this a fun and enjoyable event for everyone.  Please note that final assignments will not be made until just before show.  Registration and check-in will be Thursday, May 21st or Friday, May 22th.  Everyone should plan to attend one of the training sessions scheduled during those 2 days.  At training, you can register, get shirt and job assignments as well as trained on entire event.  Details will be emailed closer to the event dates.

Volunteers are expected to work AT LEAST one shift throughout the show run.  Shifts are set for 4-5 hour increments for most jobs.  We will do our best to allow everyone time to enjoy the show and have breaks from their assignments, as staffing and situations allow.  

Volunteer Terms and Conditions and Release

You are volunteering your time to work this event and no monetary compensation will be provided.  Volunteers will be provided with snacks & water while on duty and a T-shirt to wear while on duty that is yours to keep after the event.

Volunteers understand that they will be interacting with the public and guests of the event and do so at their own risk.  Volunteers are representing Carolina Fear Fest are expected to do so in a professional manner.  Any unprofessional, unsafe or inappropriate behavior will result in volunteer being removed from the event and banned from participating in future events.

This is a sober event.  All staff and volunteers are expected to arrive sober and remain that way at all times.  No drinking or drugs will be allowed or tolerated on the property and event staff found to be under the influence of any substance (legal or illegal) that affects their ability to perform any duties requested of them will be removed from the event.

Volunteers understand that they are applying to work this event as general event staff and we cannot guarantee specific jobs, slots or work shift assignments.  Specific requests and preferences can be considered, but slots will be filled as needed. 

Volunteers understand that online training will be reviewed and acknowledged prior to shift assignments being made.  Staff cannot work this event without training being completed in advance.