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About the role of Volunteer



Do not, EVER, touch an attendee. Don’t try to break up fights, push individuals along lines, or any other seemingly helpful action. Just avoid touching them at all if possible. A touch can be viewed legally as an assault, and you personally may be charged with such if you happen to do so. (First secret word OMG)


  1. All Volunteers must complete an application through GrowTix using his or her legal name, and be approved by the Volunteer Coordinator, before being submitted to any potential requested department(s) for final approval. A new application will be required for each new year.

  2. All Volunteers must accept their assigned schedule through GrowTix, once they have been approved as a Volunteer.

  3. All Volunteers must be either 16 years of age or older, with a regularly checked email address and must join “OMGcon Volunteer Discussion Group” on Facebook.

  4. “Like” or “Follow” OMG!Con on any social media they are members of.

  5. Volunteers must complete any required training for their position prior to any posted due date(s).

  6. Volunteers must arrive to their assigned location 5 minutes before their shift begins to receive a Change of Shift report and orientate themselves to their location and task(s). Additionally, volunteers should provide their relief Volunteer with a similar run down of the duties and relay important information to said relief at the end of their shift.

  7. Should a Volunteer fail to comply (i.e. no show), they may: have their badge confiscated; forfeit any hotel space (if applicable) and free items that would have been given at the end of the con; and may be blacklisted from future volunteerism with TAPS branded events.

  8. Volunteers must present a neat, clean appearance to all attendees. Please be in clean attire that provides a presentable appearance, and maintain a professional manner during your shift and at any time acting on behalf of OMGcon and/or TAPS. No PDA ( Public Displays of Affection).

  9. Volunteers must maintain sobriety during their shift(s) or at any time that may affect their shift(s).

  10. Do not enter Staff-only areas. (Second secret word Con)


  1. All Staff must show progress towards completing their respective duties pre-Convention or risk losing their status as Staff at the discretion of the TAPS Board of Directors, based off the recommendation of the Volunteer Coordinator. Should staff lose such position, they must re-apply completely to be a Volunteer should they desire to be.

  2. Only Guest Relations Staff and member of the TAPS Board of Directors may enter the Guests Lounge. It is important that we provide a safe and secure and relaxing environment for our guests.

  3. All general rules that apply to volunteers apply to staff, except rule A-9. SECTION C: VOLUNTIERS

Tier 1: Entry-Level Volunteers


-Exempt from any pre-convention meetings, so long as they have responded to all pre-con communications online and kept in touch appropriately

-A single day volunteer must work a total of 4 hours

-A weekend volunteer must work a total of 12 hours


-Free OMG!con Badge (3 day if weekend volunteer, 1 day if a single day volunteer)

-Free OMG!con DVD

-Post-Con meal access for weekend volunteer.

-May vote for next year Staff

Tier 2: Trained Volunteers


-Attend at least one pre-convention training meeting in Owensboro

-Must work a total of 18 hours


Everything that a Tier 1 Volunteer receives in addition to:

-Free Meal each day volunteering

-Post-con meal admission

-Can vote on new board members and/or run for a staff position

Tier 3 Veteran Volunteers


-Attend at least one pre-convention training meeting in Owensboro
-Must work a total of 30 hours

-Considered “On Call” all weekend if needs arise


Everything that a Tier 2 Volunteer receives in addition to:

-Possible discounted rooms with an off-site hotel for volunteers over an hour in distance
-Voting rights in the Board of Directors election post-con and staff election for next year

-Eligible to run for board in said elections

(3rd VolunteersRock)

All information herein is subject to change without notice 

Volunteer Terms and Conditions and Release

OMG!con reserves the right to revoke badges and privileges of a volunteer or staff member who is not meeting the basic requirements or following the procedures and protocols provided. If you do not accept the schedule on growtix, you will not be considered an official volunteer and will not receive a badge or benefits.