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About the role of Volunteer

PLEASE NOTE: We are a nonprofit focused on children and families, therefore we do conduct background checks to ensure a safe environment. If you witness any inappropriate behavior towards another, we ask that you report it to us for investigation. This includes, but is not limited to, language, not observing personal boundaries, inappropriate requests of another, alcohol during an event, and aggression towards others.
Thank you!
1. Be Kind and Courteous
We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required. If you have a concern, please don’t hesitate to message us or email at info@tulsapopkids.org.
2. Event Representation
We ask when volunteering at an event or representing TPOP, PLEASE, use clean language, dress appropriately for children, clean & fresh hygiene, observe personal boundaries, be attentive to the event, RESPECT others, & Have fun. If you have any questions about what is considered appropriate, PLEASE ask.
3. Tulsa Pop Culture Expo Volunteer
Want to be part of the TPCE team? We ask you to volunteer for 2-3 events as part of your audition. We are putting together a larger team this year & need the best possible volunteers!
4. Sign-ups for Events
If you would like to volunteer for an event, please use the link provided in the event to OFFICIALLY sign up. We depend on our Volunteers so if you can't make it PLEASE let us know so we can cover that slot.
5. Movie Volunteers
We give 1 movie ticket for each Officially Signed Up Volunteer. You may cosplay for photo ops before the movie, but to see the movie you must buy a ticket OR be signed up for Free ticket. You must have a badge to enter the theater. Check in with Registration.
If you have signed up and are unable to attend, PLEASE, let us know so we can cover your slot.
Our volunteers are very important to Tulsa Pop Kids. We appreciate the time you donate and want each experience to be great not only for our community but for you as well.
We are grateful for you! TPK

Volunteer Terms and Conditions and Release

      Volunteers have the right to expect fair and honest treatment from Tulsa Pop executive staff, personnel, and fellow volunteers.

·      Volunteers are expected to be flexible, and if they are asked to serve in an area that was not requested, they are expected to do their best in working that location.  We are a unique team of individuals who need to always think of the ‘big picture’.

·      Communication at the Events will occur either through:

-Cell Phone

-Text Message

-Person to Person

Cell phones/text messages from convention staff are important as these will be the primary means of conveying important messages to select volunteers.  Cell phones are not to be used for personal calls while volunteers are on duty.

·      CONDUCT:     Think hospitality always!   Volunteers, guests and staff must be treated with respect, dignity and politeness.   All issues that cannot be adequately solved should be directed to your Area Manager for solutions.

·      For your own safety, guests/celebrities are not to be touched for any reason.

·      Volunteers must not make any promises to guests for any reason.  If a guest is unhappy and is requesting some type of compensation, please direct them to your Area Manager.

·      Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.  If a volunteer feels that they have been harassed, your Area Manager is to be contacted immediately.

·      Volunteers can be asked to end their service for improper conduct, harassment, insubordination or illegal activity, or other behaviors which are dangerous or deemed inappropriate.

·      Tulsa Pop will not be held responsible for damage or loss of personal property.  Valuables at should be left at home and/or secured in the trunk of your vehicle.

·      DRESS CODE: All volunteers will wear the official Comic Con shirt that will be given to them.  Pants/jeans and shorts are acceptable.  The waist of pants or similar bottoms must fit at the waist, and shorts must be mid-thigh or longer.   The wearing of comfortable shoes is required, Athletic shoes are acceptable if they are in good condition.

·      Volunteers are responsible for presenting a positive image to everyone with whom they connect.  No costumes, real or facsimile weapons may be carried while on a volunteer assignment.

·      The practice of clean personal hygiene is required.

·      Anyone known or reasonably suspected to be under the influence of intoxicating liquor, narcotics or illegal substances shall not be allowed to volunteer while in that condition.

·      Take good care of yourself:   Please do not lift or attempt to lift or push excessive loads.  Observe the correct position for lifting (stand with feet slightly apart, assume a squatting position with knees bent and chin tucked in.  Tilt head forward, grasp the load with both hands and gradually push up with your legs, keeping your back straight.  Avoid any abrupt movement.  Do not try to lift an item which is too heavy or bulky to be handled by one person.  Ask for help.

·      Falling equipment:  there are many signs, drapes, booths, lights, and other equipment throughout the event site.  There is a very slight possibility that this equipment might fall over or off the walls or ceiling.  All of this equipment has been set up by professionals and is properly secured to prevent injury.  Please assist by not leaning/sitting on the ends of tables and hanging/pulling on drape poles or light stands.   Also, use caution when sitting in folding chairs as they can easily fold or tip over.

·      Electrical shock/burns:  Be careful when plugging/unplugging in equipment like computers, cash registers, printers, etc.  Do not stick fingers inside the working parts of a cash register, computer or printer.  As supervisors for help with changing tape rolls, ribbon, etc.  Parts of these machines can get very hot and could cause burns.

·      First Aid:  If you are injured in any way, or if you witness someone who is injured, notify your Area Manager.  If the Area Manager is not available, contact local security 

·      Social Media:  Volunteers are not authorized to speak on behalf of the event.  Volunteers are permitted and encouraged to advertise the events on social media, but are not permitted to answer binding questions about the event.

·      Medical Conditions:  If a volunteer has any medical condition(s) that could hinder their service as a volunteer, please inform the Area Manager overseeing the area.  All information is confidential.



Please keep your hands to yourself.  If you would like to take a picture with or of another Tulsa Pop fan, always ask first and respect that person’s right to say no.  When at Tulsa Pop Events, be respectful, be nice, be cool and be kind to each other.

·      Harassment Policy:

-       The following constitute grounds for immediate expulsion from the event without refund:

        a. violating any federal, state, or local laws, facility rules or convention policies.

        b. failure to comply with the instructions of Tulsa Pop Culture Expo staff or security  personnel.

        c. using anything in a threatening or destructive manner against person or property.

        d. endangering the safety of oneself or others.

        e. threatening, stealing, cheating or harassing others.

-     If a volunteer experiences or witnesses any of the above it should be reported to a Manager, Volunteer Coordinator or Security Personnel.

-     Harassment includes offensive verbal comments (related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, culture, affiliation), sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact and unwelcome sexual attention.

-     Persons asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

-     Exhibitors, sponsors, vendor booths, or similar activities are also subject to the anti-harassment policy.

-     The policy also extends to any sanctioned convention event that occurs outside of normal convention hours or venues.

·      Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older, unless part of a Tulsa Pop approved group

 ·         Convention Chain of Command for volunteers:

-Event Manager

-Volunteer Coordinator

-Area Manager


·      Appropriate breaks and meals will be provided for all volunteers.  Breaks and meal breaks will be assigned by each Area Manager. Flexibility in scheduling is important for all volunteers.

·      Volunteers are required to attend a general orientation meeting.  Depending on the assignment/area, a volunteer may be asked to attend additional training meetings.

·      Volunteers may not engage in unprofessional, unethical or disrespectful conduct, including:

  1.         Using or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  2.          Physical or verbal abuse of attendees, exhibitors, vendors, professionals, other volunteers, staff members, and their family members/friends, or anyone else at the official site(s).
  3.         Using profanity in communicating with or within earshot of anyone at the convention
  4.        Unauthorized use of company equipment including telephones, computers, or other office equipment
  5.        Theft of any property, or personal items, food, supplies, money, etc., belonging to Tulsa Pop, the venue, or anyone at the convention.  This includes making any charges to accounts of Tulsa Pop without prior express written permission.
  6.        Using a volunteer position to gain any personal or financial favors from attendees, exhibitors, celebrities, vendors, professionals, other volunteers, staff members, and their family members/friends or anyone else is strictly prohibited.  There is no partying with the guest stars outside of convention sanctioned events!!! (such activity becomes a conflict of interest and can make for complications; violation of this policy will result in suspension of your credentials)

     ·     Celebrities are not to be photographed at any time. If photos of celebrities are wanted, the volunteer must pay for and schedule an approved photo-op.

·      Once a volunteer has reported for duty, volunteers must remain in place until they are relieved by a replacement (whether for a break, meal, or special need).  Each Area Manager will coordinate this.

·      When a volunteer is released for a break or meal, volunteers must return to their position on time.  Tardiness will prevent the replacement to take his/her break or meal on time.

·      Volunteers must not photograph, copy or post images of any type of credential (e.g., badges, wristbands, giveaway tickets, comp codes, etc.) issued by Tulsa Pop by email, texting, or on a blog, web page or social media site.

·      Water will be available in the Volunteer Lounge at all times.

·      Volunteers need to keep all areas in the facility clean and neat.  Projecting a positive image at all times is paramount.  All event staff and volunteers are responsible to keep the event venue as clean as possible at all times. 

·      Prior to beginning a shift, it is important to be familiar with the location of