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About the role of Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering at Planet Comicon Kansas City 2019, complete and submit this form. 

Volunteer Application & scheduling timeline:

March 11 - Volunteer Applications will close

October - March - New Volunteers will be vetted & scheduled

February  - Volunteer schedules are in place and  volunteers will be asked to confirm 

February - March - Change requests will be addressed

Returning Volunteers: We know life changes and you may want to or need to change how/where you volunteer for the show.  Please review the additional questions and let us know if that is the case, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 

Things to consider when providing your availability:

·         Planet Comicon KC show dates are:

               Friday, March 29

               Saturday March 30

               Sunday  March 31

·          Exhibition Floor/Load in and Will Call will need volunteers on Wednesday March 27th and Thursday, March 28.

Volunteers should expect to have assignments for at least 5-8 hours of each day they volunteer.

In most cases we will be setting up 3 choices for shifts during the convention: Opening, Closing and All Day. This may vary with department, but whenever possible, you will be scheduled for 6 hours. You will have the remainder of the day to enjoy the show.

Go to this link to this see what benefits you can earn this year as a volunteer!

If you do not work your assigned shifts, or a commensurate time pre-approved by your Superhero, you are not eligible to receive any complimentary passes and will forfeit your acceptance as a volunteer for future conventions.

Volunteers will receive a Planet Comicon volunteer t-shirt for each concurrent full day shifts worked. You will be expected to wear this shirt during the time you are on duty at Planet Comicon.  You are not to wear your volunteer shirt when off-duty during show hours. 

You can view descriptions of some of the duties that volunteers are assigned to on this page.

Reality Check: Sometimes first-year volunteers have the idea that they can be assigned to spend their day with a favorite celebrity, which is NOT the case. The personnel who sit with celebrities are established "handlers" who specialize in providing assistance to celebrity guests. Also, the Planet Comicon volunteer tasks that require close interaction with the celebrity guests are assigned to trusted multiple-year volunteers. The best way to earn this type of assignment is to join the volunteer crew and knock our socks off with your maturity, attitude, and trustworthiness.  You are offered choices of what type of volunteer you'd like to be. This does not guarantee that you will be working in that area. We try to accommodate requests, but we have to put volunteers where needed. 

After you complete your application, you will immediately receive a confirmation email from GrowTix that your application was successfully submitted. If you do not receive this confirmation and you have confirmed it isn't in your junk mail contact us at Volunteers@planetcomicon.com to inquire if if your application was successfully submitted.

Feel free to contact us at volunteers@planetcomicon.com or by phone at 816-533-3126 if you have questions or concerns about volunteering. 

Volunteer Terms and Conditions and Release

  • NOTE: You must be 18-years-old or older to volunteer at Planet Comicon Kansas City.
  • Filling out a volunteer application does not guarantee acceptance.
  • Be aware that we run a background check on all volunteer applicants. 
  • All volunteers are expected to follow the rules, guidelines, and training for PCKC. 
  • Failure to follow these rules and guidelines may result in being dismissed from volunteering. 
  • Volunteers are expected to provide their own transportation to and from the convention. 
  • This will include paying for their own parking if necessary.