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About the role of Volunteer

Welcome to PSComicXpo website and thank you for your application. I am Karen Porter the Volunteer Coordinator. Whether this is your first time to volunteer or you have filled many volunteer positions, you are valuable to us.  Before selecting a volunteer position take time to ask yourself what does it mean to be a volunteer (be friendly and helpful while performing my assignment), and what can I expect (I will have a fun filled weekend and great memories) and what is expected of me?  If you are friendly, willing to assist the public, able to take instructions and wear your best smile in the face of any situation, you are who we are looking for! 

Volunteer Terms and Conditions and Release

1.      Submissions of this application does not guarantee acceptance to the PSCX Volunteer Team.

2.      You must be at least 18 years of age by June 21, 2018 to work at PSCX

3.      By submitting an application you agree to complete all required trainings and orientations as needed by your team captain.

4.      Applicants who are available for the full convention will be assigned and scheduled first. Those unable to work the full time will be assigned and scheduled second.

5.      By submitting an application you agree you are able to stand/walk for a minimum of 8 hours per day.

6.      By submitting an application you agree you are able to lift/move 20 lbs without injuring yourself.

7.      Upon acceptance to the Volunteer Team you give consent to PSCX to use any photographs or videos taken of you for publicity purposes.

8.      By submitting an application you confirm all the information you provide is accurate and current.